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Tuesday 29/12/1998

Accidents at Signal Controlled Junctions in Glasgow - Research Findings [Research]

This report was to investigate whether the use of red light cameras in Glasgow District has created wider benefits, including a reduction in the number and type of accidents.

Alcohol and the Pedestrian Road Casualty - Research Findings [Research]

The study involved the collection of data by hospital staff on all pedestrian road accident casualties attending Accident and Emergency departments in 5 large Scottish hospitals in 1996/97.

Alternative Dispute Resolution in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

To examine the nature and extent of Alternative Dispute Resolution and to identify key issues for policy and research relevant to future development in this area.

An Evaluation of Community Involvement in the Ferguslie Park Partnership - Research Findings [Research]

This study examines the nature and extent of community involvement in Ferguslie Park Partnership and the effectiveness of the system of participation.

An Evaluation of Community Involvement in the Whitfield Partnership - Research Findings [Research]

This study explores how community involvement was approached, organised and resourced in Whitfield Partnership, the role of community representatives and their impact on the regeneration process.

An Evaluation of Scotland's National Tourist Routes - Research Findings [Research]

This study examined the effectiveness of the tourist routes in encouraging a wider spread of tourist traffic and the awareness of tourists of the routes.

An Evaluation of the Scottish Office Domestic Violence Media Campaign - Research Findings [Research]

This report analyses public responses to the media campaign conducted regarding domestic violence.

Assessment of the Implications of Radium Contamination of Dalgety Bay Beach and Foreshore - Research Findings [Research]

This report considers the level and risk which it presents to members of the public in relation to acceptable levels and to review the options for reducing the contamination.

Baseline Study of Public Knowledge and Perceptions of Local Government in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

Sets out the key information from a nationally representative sample survey of public knowledge and perceptions of local government, undertaken in the Autumn of 1994.

Cash Incentive Schemes in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

This is a summary of a report to examine Cash Incentive Schemes (CIS). These enable an authority to give grants to qualifying tenants to help them purchase their own home.

Children, Young People and Offending in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

This paper presents the main findings from the Research Review 'Children, Young People and Offending in Scotland'.

Defended Ordinary Actions in the Sheriff Court: Implementing Ordinary Cause Rules (1993) - Research Findings [Research]

Follow on study from earlier research findings, with focus on implementation of new rules.

Does Closed Circuit Television Prevent Crime? An Evaluation of the Use of CCTV Surveillance in Airdrie Town Centre - Research Findings [Research]

This report analyses the effectiveness of a pilot use of CCTV in Airdrie town centre.

Energy Conservation and Planning - Research Findings [Research]

This work was commissioned to inform the current debate on the planning implications of energy conservation.

Estimating the Housing Needs of Community Care Groups - Research Findings [Research]

This study addresses 2 issues: are national prevalence rates useful in community care planning? and are reliable prevalence rates available for all community care groups?

Evaluation of Speedwatch - Research Findings [Research]

The aim of the fifth Speedwatch campaign was to raise awareness amongst drivers of the dangers of speeding. This is a summary of the report to evaluate that campaign.

Evaluation of Young Driver Cinema Advert - Research Findings [Research]

The evaluation had two main elements: a quantitative survey of cinema-goers and a qualitative study of young people's reactions to the advert.

Facing Violence: Assessing the Training and Support Requirements of Police Constables in Scotland - Research Findings [Research]

The detailed information gained through this research provides a picture of the changing realities of police work in contemporary urban Scotland.

Family Business in the Scottish Sheriff Courts in 1992 - Research Findings [Research]

To identify characteristics and volume of family business in the courts, progress and outcome of cases, and frequency of use in different methods of dispute resolution.

Foreign Language Interpreters in the Scottish Criminal Courts - Research Findings [Research]

This research was commissioned in response to concern about the arrangements for and standards of the provision of foreign language interpreters in the Scottish courts.

Showing: 17561 to 17580 of 17739