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Thursday 27/09/2018

Evaluability Assessment of Scotland's Baby Box - Report to the Scottish Government [Research]

This independent report to the Scottish Government presents the Evaluability Assessment of Scotland’s Baby Box.

Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2017 [Marine and Fisheries]

A National Statistics publication presenting data on the Scottish and UK fishing fleet, landings and employment.

Landlord Registration Equality Impact Assessment - Removal of online discount [Housing]

Landlord Registration Equality Impact Assessment - Removal of online discount

Wednesday 26/09/2018

Mental Health Strategy: 2017-2027 - 1st Progress Report [Health and Community Care]

The Scottish Governmnet 2018 Progress Report on the on the Mental Health Strategy 2017-2027

Distributed Ledger Technologies in Public Services [Business and Industry]

Report detailing Distributed Ledger Technologies in Public Services.

Cyber Resilience – The Economic Opportunity – Key Actions 2018-2021 [Economy]

The Cyber Resilience Economic Opportunity Action Plan sets out the key practical steps Scottish Government and our partners will take collectively to grow Scotland’s cyber security industry, encourage the development of innovative cyber security research, and deliver world-leading cyber security goods and services over the period to 2021

Tuesday 25/09/2018

Scottish Government Support for Veterans and the Armed Forces Community in Scotland Autumn 2018 [People and Society]

This document sets out our current achievements and future priorities and highlights the work the Scottish Government is taking forward to respond to the recommendations made in the Scottish Veterans Commissioner’s reports.

Small Landholdings Legislation - A Guide to the law in Scotland [Agriculture]

There are only a few Small Landholdings left in Scotland and these are governed by complex, historic legislation. This guide summarises key legal elements for those with an interest.

Housing Statistics for Scotland 2018: Key Trends Summary [Statistics]

This publication presents annual statistics up to 31st March 2017 on total new housing supply in Scotland across all sectors, along with information on various elements of local authority housing such as stock, lettings, house sales, evictions, housing lists, and housing for older people and people with disabilities.

Housing Statistics for Scotland Quarterly Update (published 25 September 2018) [Statistics]

This quarterly statistical publication provides information on recent trends in new build housing starts and completions by sector, the Affordable Housing Supply Programme and local authority house sales including Right to Buy.

Recorded Crime in Scotland, 2017-18 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

This bulletin presents statistics on crimes and offences recorded and cleared up by the police in Scotland, disaggregated by crime/offence group and by local authority.

Recorded Crime in Scotland: Robbery, 2008-09 and 2017-18 [Research]

This report presents information on ‘Robberies’ recorded by the police.

Scottish Health Survey 2017: Summary of Key Findings [Health and Community Care]

Key findings from the Scottish Health Survey 2017 report.

Scottish Health Survey 2017: Volume 1: Main Report [Health and Community Care]

Presents results for the Scottish Health Survey 2017, providing information on the health and factors relating to health of people living in Scotland.

Scottish Health Survey 2017: Volume 2: Technical Report [Health and Community Care]

Presents information on the methodology and fieldwork for the Scottish Health Survey 2017. Includes the survey questionnaire.

Scottish Health Survey: Results for Local Areas 2014/2015/2016/2017; September 2018 [Health and Community Care]

This report summarises key statistics from the Scottish Health Survey for each NHS Board and some Local Authority areas in Scotland

The Flood Risk Management (Scotland) Act 2009 Surface Water Management Planning Guidance [Environment]

Guidance to assist the responsible authorities in preparation of Surface Water Management Plans (SWMPs) to help with the management of surface water flooding

Friday 21/09/2018

STEM Bursary - Equality Impact Assessment [Education and Training]

The EQIA summarises how decision-makers balanced the aim of the STEM Bursaries against the potential adverse impacts of the policy on groups with protected characteristics

Thursday 20/09/2018

Fiscal Framework Outturn Report [Public Sector]

This is the first Fiscal Framework Outturn Report published by the Scottish Government. It forms part of a revised budget process – as recommended by the final report of the Budget Process Review Group - and follows on from May’s publication of Scotland’s Fiscal Outlook: The Scottish Government’s Five Year Financial Strategy. This report focuses on operation of the Fiscal Framework and is designed in particular to support Scottish Parliamentary scrutiny.

Partial Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA) for Scotland's Forestry Strategy 2019-2029 [Economy]

This partial Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (BRIA) for Scotland's Forestry Strategy 2019-2029 outlines our assessment of how the draft Forestry Strategy may impact on business (including the third sector) and regulation.

Showing: 341 to 360 of 17736