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Guide to air weapon licensing in Scotland

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateFebruary 22, 2019


ISBN 978 1 78781 616 9 (Web only publication)
PPDAS 541706

This document is also available in pdf format (417KB)



1. Introduction

2. Definition of an Air Weapon

3. Requirement for an Air Weapon Certificate
Young people
People who already hold a firearm or shotgun certificate

4. Applications for the Grant or Renewal of an Air Weapon Certificate
Prohibited persons and declaring previous convictions
Where to send the form

5. Determining the Application
Assessing suitability
Assessing good reason

6. Granting the Certificate
What the certificate covers
Alignment of certificates
Transitional arrangements – "Smoothing"

7. Refusals, Revocations and Variations

8. Conditions
Mandatory conditions
Other conditions
Young people

9. Air Weapon Permits
Police permits
Visitor permits
Event permits

10. Air Weapon Clubs
Criteria for approval Alignment with a rifle club approval

11. Requirements for Recreational Shooting Facilities

12. Air Weapon Transactions

13. Enforcement
Production of an air weapon certificate
Cancellation of an air weapon certificate
Forfeiting and disposing of air weapons

14. Storage of Air Weapons

15. Appeals

Appendix 1 – Air Weapon Licensing Forms

Appendix 2 – Air Weapon Licensing Fees

Appendix 3 - Exemptions from the Requirement to Hold A Certificate

Appendix 4 – Good Reason

Appendix 5 – Conditions

Appendix 6 – Offences

Appendix 7 – Criteria for Approving an Air Weapon Club

Appendix 8 – Abbreviations Used in This Guide