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Scottish House Condition Survey: 2017 Key Findings

Scottish House Condition Survey: 2017 Key Findings

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

ISBN: 9781787814271

Key indicators from the Scottish House Condition Survey (SHCS) 2017 collection period, including updated fuel poverty rates, energy efficiency ratings, carbon emissions, Scottish Housing Quality Standard and disrepair.

Executive Summary

Statistics reported in this publication are based on a national survey of the housing stock, the only one of its kind in Scotland. This is the fourteenth 'Key Findings' report since the SHCS moved to a continuous format in 2003, and the sixth since its integration with the Scottish Household Survey (SHS).

The SHCS consists of a social interview with householders, and a physical inspection of the dwelling they occupy by a surveyor. The interview covers a range of topics, such as household characteristics, tenure, neighbourhood satisfaction, dwelling satisfaction, health status and income. The physical inspection records information on housing characteristics. Combined, the result is a powerful data set for examining the condition and characteristics of the dwellings alongside the views and experience of the people living in those dwellings.

Topics covered in the 2017 Key Findings report include:

• Key attributes of the housing stock

• Energy efficiency

• Fuel poverty

• Energy perceptions

• Housing conditions