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Designing a Social Capital Dashboard

Designing a Social Capital Dashboard

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

ISBN: 9781787812895

Research study of approaches to presenting social capital data

Executive Summary

The Scottish Government is in the process of developing and improving its National Performance Framework. As part of this work it has identified a need for improved shared understanding of, and data on, social capital in Scotland.

Given the complexity of the concept of social capital, and the range of indicators that have been used to measure it in Scotland (and more widely) to date, a key consideration for the Government is how a range of data might be brought together within the new National Performance Framework to improve understanding of the levels of social capital in different settings and over time at national and local authority level. To inform these discussions, the Government commissioned Ipsos MORI to undertake scoping work to provide an account of the likely advantages and disadvantages of developing a social capital composite measure or dashboard, and to provide information about what the process might be for designing and implementing this.