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Friday 21/04/2017

Sea trout fishery statistics - 2016 season [Marine and Fisheries]

Sea trout catch statistics for the 2016 season

Thursday 20/04/2017

Consultation on Draft Head Teacher Education and Training Standards (Scotland) Regulations [Education and Training]

Report of the consultation responses on the draft regulations required to meet the policy aim of improving the quality of candidate applying for head teacher posts thereby ensuring schools are led by head teachers who are prepared for the role.

Wednesday 19/04/2017

A review of low vision service provision in Scotland [Health and Community Care]

An independent review of low vision service provision across Scotland carried out by NHS Education for Scotland on behalf of the Scottish Government

Community Eyecare Services Review [Health and Community Care]

The Review considers and evaluates community eyecare services across Scotland. This report looks at how services are currently delivered and recommends actions which will lead to improvements to meet the individual needs of patients.

National Ophthalmology Workstream - Hospital Eye Services [Health and Community Care]

National Ophthalmology Workstream report. Working with key stakeholders in secondary care Hospital Eye Services and across the primary/secondary care interface

Universal Periodic Review of human rights in the United Kingdom – May 2017 - Scottish Government position statement [Government]

Scottish Government position statement on Scotland’s performance against key international human rights obligations, published in advance of the Universal Periodic Review on 4 May 2017

Tuesday 18/04/2017

Good College Governance Consultation [Education and Training]

This consultation exercise takes forward recommendations of the Good Governance Task Group.

A Research Strategy for Scottish Education [Research]

The report sets out the identified priorities for a research strategy to support improvement in Scottish Education, particularly regarding schools, in order to deliver the objectives of the National Improvement Framework

Friday 14/04/2017

Beating Cancer: Ambition and Action - Equality Impact Assessment [Health and Community Care]

This document sets out the Equality Impact of the Scottish Governments cancer strategy

Thursday 13/04/2017

Guidance to Local Authorities on the Licensing System for Mobile Homes Sites with Permanent Residents [Housing]

On 1st May 2017 a new licensing system comes into force for relevant permanent mobile home sites. This guidance is local authority officers in Scotland who are involved with permanent mobile home site licensing.

Wednesday 12/04/2017

Safe and Effective Staffing in Health and Social Care [Health and Community Care]

Consultation on proposals to enshrine safe staffing in law, starting with the nursing and midwifery workload and workforce planning tools.

Building A Sustainable Social Enterprise Sector In Scotland:2017-20 [People and Society]

The Action Plan shows how we will lay the foundation for a flourishing social enterprise sector by delivering on the three key priorities set out in the Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy.

Friday 07/04/2017

Questionnaire Content of the Scottish Health Survey – Consultation Analysis Report April 2017 [Health and Community Care]

The Scottish Government opened this consultation in order to seek users' views on the content of the Scottish Health Survey from 2018 onwards (procurement subject to Ministerial approval).

Condition of Private Rented Housing in Scotland – Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment (partial) [Housing]

This partial BRIA accompanies part 2 of the Scottish Government consultation on energy efficiency and condition standards in private rented housing. The data provided will help readers assess the impact of proposed changes to the repairing standard which applies to privately rented houses in Scotland.

Energy efficiency and condition standards in private rented housing: A Scotland's Energy Efficiency Programme Consultation [Housing]

A consultation on proposals to (i) improve the energy efficiency of the worst performing private rented housing in Scotland and (ii) amend the repairing standard to increase the condition standards expected in the private rented sector. The Scottish Government has designated energy efficiency as a National Infrastructure Priority, the cornerstone of which will be Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP). Minimum standards will play a key role in meeting the ambitions of SEEP.

Minimum Standards of Energy Efficiency in Private Rented Sector Housing: Partial Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment [Housing]

This partial BRIA accompanies part 1 of the Scottish Government consultation on efficiency and condition standards in private rented housing. It provides an assessment of the impact of the proposed regulation on various parties and sectors within the Scottish economy. The analysis and data may also help readers in responding to the consultation.

Thursday 06/04/2017

Agreed Remit and Terms of Reference [Arts and Culture]

Publication of Agreed Remit and Terms of Reference of CIAG

Creative Industries Advisory Group (CIAG): Summary of Discussions [Arts and Culture]

Publication of Creative Industries Advisory Group (CIAG): Summary of Discussions

Wednesday 05/04/2017

Guidance for Local Authorities on Managing Unauthorised Camping by Gypsy/Travellers in Scotland [Housing]

Guidance for local authorities in Scotland to develop effective policies and strategies for responding to unauthorised Gypsy/Traveller sites.

Tuesday 04/04/2017

Inpatient Experience Survey Volume 3: Exploring differences in experience [Health and Community Care]

This report explores the differences in self-reported experience of people who responded to the Inpatient Experience survey 2016

Showing: 521 to 540 of 696