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Annual Listing of Publications

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Monday 12/12/2016

Consultation on draft Head Teacher and Training Standards (Scotland) Regulations [Education and Training]

Draft regulations specifying the education and training standards needed before appointment to Head Teacher posts

The Councillors’ Code of Conduct- Consultation on possible amendments of provisions on conflicts of interest [Government]

To consider making changes to the Code to address a specific issue relating to Sections 5 and 7 of the Code on declarations of interest in connection with quasi-judicial or regulatory matters. The purpose of this consultation is to seek views on whether such changes should be made, and if so what form those changes should take.

Friday 09/12/2016

Open Government Partnership Scottish Action Plan [Government]

Scottish Government and Scottish Civil Society share the values of Open Government which aim to foster openness, transparency and citizen participation. This is Scotland’s first Open Government National Action Plan. It has been developed jointly by the Scottish Government and the Scottish Civil Society Network with the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

Thursday 08/12/2016

Delivering Scotland's River Basin Management Plans: The Water Environment (Controlled Activities)(Scotland) Regulations 2011 - Proposed Amendments [Environment]

The consultation invites stakeholders to respond to proposed changes to The Water Environment (Controlled Activities(Scotland)Regulations 2011

Wednesday 07/12/2016

Organ and Tissue Donation and Transplantation - a consultation on increasing numbers of successful donations [Health and Community Care]

This consultation seeks views on increasing the number of deceased organ donation and tissue donors in Scotland.

'What Works' in Drug Education and Prevention? [Research]

This literature review examines the evidence of effectiveness of different types of drug prevention and education for children and young people, principally that which is delivered in schools.

Tuesday 06/12/2016

Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2015: Highlights from Scotland's results [Education and Training]

Report covering Scotland's performance in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2015, covering maths reading and science. Scotland is compared with the OECD countries and additional partner countries. There is analysis by gender, level of proficiency and social background

Obesity Indicators: Monitoring Progress for the Prevention of Obesity Route Map - December 2016 report [Health and Community Care]

This publication reports the latest available data for indicators selected to monitor progress for the Prevention of Obesity Route Map. Most indicators are updated up to 2015, but for some indicators data are more or less up-to-date than this.

Research on the Pub Sector in Scotland – Phase 1 ‘Scoping Study [Research]

Study to provide robust evidence base which would assist Scottish Ministers in coming to a view as to whether legislation on the operation of pub companies in Scotland needs to be introduced, and if so, where the parameters of that legislation should apply.

Scottish House Condition Survey 2015: Key Findings [Housing]

Please note that some estimates in the SHQS section of this report have been slightly revised since publication to correct for an error in the failure rate for the Energy Efficient criterion relating to 2015, which also affects the headline SHQS failure rate. While the extent of the revisions may vary for some sub-groups of households, overall it is within the margin of error. For the revised figures, please see the 2016 Key Findings Report at

Monday 05/12/2016

Mental Health in Scotland - a 10-year vision: analysis of responses to the public engagement exercise [Research]

This report presents the key messages from the analysis of responses to the Scottish Government’s engagement exercise about a new Mental Health Strategy for Scotland.

Consultation on Raising Planning Fees [Planning]

The paper seeks views on a new planning fee maximum of £125,000 for major applications for most categories of developments (£62,500 for applications for planning permission in principle).

Friday 02/12/2016

A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People - Easy Read - Summary [People and Society]

The Scottish Government has worked with disabled people and organisations to find out what needs to be done to remove the barriers that exclude disabled people from living as independent a life as they can. This is a summary of the plan the Scottish Government has made for the next 5 years. The full plan has over 90 actions. This summary includes the most important ones.

A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People - Our Delivery Plan to 2021 for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities [People and Society]

A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People has five long-term ambitions aimed at changing the lives of disabled people in Scotland and ensuring that their human rights are realised. The plan sets out 93 actions which will be taken forward during the current parliamentary term, and includes halving the employment gap for disabled people; setting a target to increase the percentage of disabled people in the public sector workforce; and increasing supply of wheelchair accessible housing.

Summary - A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People [People and Society]

This is a summary of the document A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People; Our Delivery Plan to 2021 for the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

The Modern Outpatient:A Collaborative Approach 2017-2020 [Health and Community Care]

Transforming the patients experience by optimising the roles of all clinicians, utilising new technologies and putting the patient at the centre of care.

Thursday 01/12/2016

Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility: Analysis of Consultation Responses, and Engagement with Children and Young People [People and Society]

Throughout the spring and summer the Scottish Government carried out a public consultation and a series of engagement events with children and young people to seek views on raising the age of criminal responsibility.

Scotland’s First Adoption Activity Day - An Evaluation [People and Society]

In October 2015 a first Adoption Activity Day was held in Scotland, organised by staff from Scotland’s Adoption Register assisted by an advisory group of experienced adoption practitioners. The Scottish Government commissioned an evaluation and this reports sets out the findings.

Tenant Information Pack (Revised December 2016) [Housing]

The Tenant Information Pack gives information to tenants in privately rented housing.

Consultation on Extending Coverage of the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002 to Registered Social Landlords [General]

The consultation paper invites views on proposals to extend coverage of Scotland's Freedom of Information (FoI) legislation to Registered Social Landlords (RSLs). Extending Freedom of Information legislation to RSLs will provide a statutory right to request information from RSLs. Views are welcome from the wider housing sector including tenants, RSLs, representative organisations - as well as all other interested stakeholders.

Showing: 61 to 80 of 679