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Annual Listing of Publications

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Tuesday 20/12/2016

Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, part 2 Community Planning, Guidance [People and Society]

Community planning is a key driver for public service reform at a local level. It brings together the collective talents and resources of local public services and communities to drive positive change locally. It focuses on where partners' collaborative efforts can add most value for local communities, with particular emphasis on reducing inequalities.

Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, part 2 Community Planning, Plain English Guide [People and Society]

This guide is to help people and communities understand what community planning is all about and how they can become involved.

Scotland The Hydro Nation 3rd Annual Report [Economy]

Progress report recording the evolution of the Scottish Government's Hydro Nation policy agenda and reporting on progress since the publication of the second annual report in 2015. The Report focusses on key thematic areas of activity being delivered under the Hydro Nation strategy including 'National', 'International', 'Innovation'and 'Knowledge'.

Air Departure Tax (Scotland) Bill - Equality Impact Assessment [General]

Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA) - results - for the Air Departure Tax (Scotland) Bill.

Scotland’s Place in Europe [First Minister]

Scotland’s Place in Europe sets out the Scottish Government’s position following the result of the EU Referendum.

Review of Business Improvement Districts Scotland [Research]

A summary of research exploring the impact of Business Improvement Districts Scotland.

Monday 19/12/2016

Health and Social Care Delivery Plan [Health and Community Care]

Delivery Plan to set out the framework and actions needed to ensure that our health and social care services are fit to meet the challenges of our changing society.

Consultation on the Draft of The Continuing Care (Scotland) Amendment Order 2017 [People and Society]

Consultation on the Draft of The Continuing Care (Scotland) Amendment Order 2017

Friday 16/12/2016

Review of Upper GI Cancer Quality Performance Indicators Consultation [Health and Community Care]

Upper GI Cancer QPIs were published in November 2012, and following 3 years of national comparative data, these have now been subject to formal review. In order to ensure success of the National Cancer QPIs in driving quality improvement it is critical that QPIs continue to be clinically relevant and focus on areas which will result in improvements to the quality of patient care.

Consultation analysis report on the integration of BTP in Scotland into Police Scotland [Law, Order and Public Safety]

An independent analysis of the consultation responses on the integration of BTP in Scotland into Police Scotland

Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement: A Consultation [General]

A consultation on the Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement.

Consultation on Implementation of the Medium Combustion Plant Directive in Scotland [Environment]

Consultation on proposals for transposing the Medium Combustion Plant Directive into domestic legislation.

Scottish Government Reaching 100% programme - Open Market Review [Economy]

The purpose of this Open Market Review (OMR) is to establish existing and planned (next 3 years) commercial coverage of broadband services across Scotland by all existing and any prospective, NGA broadband infrastructure providers.

Thursday 15/12/2016

Consultation Summary for Modernising the Water Industry's Use of Rateable Value to Charge Non-Households for Water and Sewerage Services [Public Sector]

This summary analyses the responses to the consultation published on 30 June 2016.

Scottish Budget - Draft Budget 2017-18 Devolved Taxes Methodology Report [Government]

This report details the methodologies used for the devolved tax forecasts including the economic determinants of Non-domestic Rates income for Draft Budget 2017-18.

2017 Non-Domestic Rating Revaluation Consultation on Possible Transitional Arrangements: Analysis of responses [Research]

Between 16 August and 12 October 2016, the Scottish Government undertook a public consultation on possible transitional arrangements relating to the 2017 non-domestic rating revaluation. This report presents an analysis of the responses to this consultation.


Web publication of guidelines produced in hard copy in March 1996 for pharmacists working in NHSScotland.

Carbon Assessment of the 2017-18 Draft Budget [Environment]

Estimate of the consumption-based carbon emissions associated with planned budget expenditure

Equality Statement - Scottish Draft Budget 2017-18 [People and Society]

An equality assessment of proposed spending plans by ministerial portfolios to accompany the Scottish Draft Budget 2017-18.

Public Sector Pay Policy 2017-18 [Public Sector]

Setting out Scottish Ministers' pay policy for the public sector in 2017-18.

Showing: 21 to 40 of 679