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Arranging a Funeral? Here's some ideas about what to do and who can help.


Some things to think about

Check if there is a will which might include the person’s wishes (such as whether they wanted to be buried or cremated). The will and other relevant papers may be at home, in a bank, with lawyers or with other relatives.

Check if there is a pre-paid funeral plan, life insurance or savings to cover the costs, including whether a lair (burial plot) has already been paid for in a churchyard or cemetery. You could look among papers at home or discuss with other relatives who may know.

If you don’t know the person’s wishes, ask yourself or others if they had a favourite piece of music, hymn, poem or reading. These could be included in the service, but don’t worry if you don’t know. Just pick what feels right to you. Your funeral director or the person who will lead the service can help with suggestions if there is no one else you can discuss this with.