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Europe 2020: Scottish National Reform Programme 2015

Europe 2020: Scottish National Reform Programme 2015

Friday, May 8, 2015

ISBN: 9781785443039

This report sets out the actions being undertaken in Scotland to support delivery of the ambitions of Europe 2020.

Executive Summary

Europe 2020 is the European Union’s strategy for delivering smart, sustainable and inclusive growth over the period to 2020.


This strategy sets out five key targets for the EU to achieve by the end of the decade. These targets relate to employment; education; research and innovation; social inclusion and poverty reduction; and climate/energy. This report sets out actions being pursued in Scotland to support delivery of these ambitions.


The Scottish Government is strongly supportive of the ambitions and priorities of Europe 2020. There is also a significant degree of commonality between Europe 2020 and Scotland's Economic Strategy (SES)


EU Member States provide annual reports on their structural reform programmes and the progress they are making in delivering the Europe 2020 ambitions to the European Commission through their NRPs. NRPs provide context on the macroeconomic environment, outline how Member States intend to meet the targets set out in Europe 2020, and how they will overcome obstacles to economic growth.


As part of this process, the Scottish Government has contributed to the development of the UK Government’s NRP for 2015.


However, given the unique characteristics of Scotland, and the distinct approach to Europe 2020 ambitions that we are taking forward within the UK, the Scottish Government is continuing to produce a Scotland-specific NRP. This approach, which has been welcomed by both stakeholders and the Commission, allows the Scottish Government to highlight Scotland’s positive engagement with the European Union. It also provides a valuable opportunity to showcase particular areas where actions taken in Scotland make an important contribution to delivering the priorities in Europe 2020.