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Friday 27/03/2015

Statutory Guidance on the General Purpose of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency and its Contribution Towards Sustainable Development [Environment]

This document provides statutory guidance to SEPA on its General Purpose, as introduced by the Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Act 2014, and its contribution towards sustainable development.

Scotland's Action Plan for EU Engagement [International]

This Action Plan sets out Scotland’s purpose and activities in Europe encompassing Scotland’s strategic priorities, how the Scottish Government influences and engages with EU policies and programmes, and our work to build partnerships in the EU.

Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest: A Strategy for Scotland [Health and Community Care]

The Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest(OHCA) strategy, which has been developed in collaboration with a range of stakeholders, is a 5 year plan with the aim of ensuring that by 2020 Scotland becomes an international leader in OHCA outcomes. The headline aim is to save an additional 1,000 lives by 2020.

Thursday 26/03/2015

Equally Safe - Reforming the criminal law to address domestic abuse and sexual offences [Law, Order and Public Safety]

A consultation on proposals to create specific offences concerning domestic abuse and the non-consensual sharing of private, intimate images, the introduction of statutory jury directions in sexual offence cases, the extra-territorial effect of the law concerning sexual offences committed against children and the circumstances in which a court can grant a non-harassment order.

Reform of NHSScotland Pension Scheme [Health and Community Care]

The EQIA covering the 2015 reforms to the NHS Scotland Pension Scheme

Analysis of Equality Results from the 2011 Census - Part 2 [People and Society]

This publication brings together relevant statistics from the census and other sources to paint a highly detailed picture of equality in Scotland. The policy areas covered are Labour Market, Education, Housing and Transport.

A Consultation on the Scottish Fiscal Commission [Economy]

A consultation on proposals for legislation to establish the Scottish Fiscal Commission as a body corporate and as part of the Scottish Administration.

Wednesday 25/03/2015

Scottish Government Third Annual Report on the Implementation and Operation of Part 3 (Financial Provisions) Of the Scotland Act 2012 [Economy]

Under the terms of section 33 of the Scotland Act 2012, annual reports from each Government on the implementation of the Act’s financial provisions are to be laid before both Parliaments by the anniversary of enactment (i.e. before 1 May).

Scotland's International Framework [International]

Scotland's International Framework sets out our internationalisation agenda and objectives, setting the context for delivery.

Scotland's International Policy Statement [International]

Scotland's International Policy Statement sets out our priorites for international engagement and activity.

Education Maintenance Allowances 2013-14 [Statistics]

Education Maintenance Allowances data for academic year 2013-14

Tuesday 24/03/2015

Dairy Action Plan [Agriculture]

To launch the Scottish Dairy Plan building Ambition 2025. We are working with our partners and stakeholders together, looking forward to a brighter sustainable future for the Scottish Dairy Sector.

Education (Scotland) Bill 2015 - Information for Children [Education and Training]

Information for children on the Education (Scotland) Bill 2015

Education (Scotland) Bill 2015: Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment [Education and Training]

The business and regulatory impact assessment in relation to the Education (Scotland) Bill 2015

Education (Scotland) Bill 2015: Equalities Impact Assessment [Education and Training]

This document outlines the main equality considerations considred throughout the policy development of the Education (Scotland) Bill 2015.

Education (Scotland) Bill 2015: Parent's Information [Education and Training]

Information for Parents on the Education (Scotland) Bill 2015

Education (Scotland) Bill 2015: Parents Information - Gaelic [Education and Training]

Fiosrachadh airson parantan air Bile an Fhoghlaim (Alba) 2015

Characteristics of Recent and Established EEA and non-EEA migrants in Scotland: Analysis of the 2011 Census [Statistics]

This report presents findings from analysis of the 2011 Census on characteristics and experiences of recent and established migrants from EEA and non-EEA countries living in Scotland.

Consultation on a New Tenancy for the Private Sector: Analysis of Consultation Responses [Research]

This report presents an analysis of responses to the Scottish Government's public consultation on the proposed new tenancy for the priavte sector. The proposed new system aims to improve security of tenure for tenants, while giving suitable safeguards for landlords, lenders and investors.

Emergency Department Weekly Activity and Waiting Times in Scotland: Week ending 15/03/2015 [Health and Community Care]

This report contains weekly activity and waiting times statistics for the 32 Emergency Departments in Scotland which provide a 24 hour emergency medicine consultant led service.

Showing: 21 to 40 of 93