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Friday 30/01/2015

Promoting Best Practice for Inshore Fisheries: A consultation on measures for hobby/unlicensed fishermen in Scottish inshore waters [Marine and Fisheries]

The Inshore Fisheries Management and Conservation Group (IFMAC) established a short-life working group to discuss the issue of hobby/unlicensed fishermen and report back with possible actions to reduce the incidence of unlicensed fishing. This publication is a consultation on their recommendations.

Scottish Marine and Freshwater Science Volume 6 Number 4: A Mapping Study of the Overlap of Potential Eurasian Beaver (Castor fiber) Habitat and Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) Distribution in Scotland [Marine and Fisheries]

Report establishing whether there would be substantial overlap of potential beaver habitat and known Atlantic salmon distribution, should beavers be formally reintroduced to Scotland.

Consultation on Expenses and Funding of Civil Litigation Bill [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Scottish Ministers are inviting views on proposals for primary legislation aimed at increasing access to justice by enhancing funding options and creating greater predictability and certainty in relation to the costs of litigation.

Thursday 29/01/2015

National Dental Advisory Committee - Emergency Drugs & Equipment in Primary Dental Care [Health and Community Care]

Report on the use of emergency drugs and equipment in Primary Dental Care.

Responses to 'Further Options for Alcohol Licensing' Consultation [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Responses received to the Scottish Government Consultation on Further Options for Alcohol Licensing

People, Culture and Heritage in Scotland - Topic Report on results from the 2013 Scottish Household Survey [Arts and Culture]

Analysis on new questions asked in the 2013 Scottish Household Survey on cultural engagement.

Wednesday 28/01/2015

Trading Captive Birds – Consultation on Proposed Changes in Scotland, England and Wales – Pilot Case 2583/11/ENTR - Restriction of Free Movement of Goods by the UK and Natural England. [Environment]

To protect wild birds, which can be illegally taken from the wild for commercial gain, trade in captive bred birds is regulated in England, Scotland and Wales.

Tuesday 27/01/2015

Review of Agricultural Holdings Legislation Final Report [Agriculture]

The Final Report sets out the specific recommndations arrived at by the Review Group after careful consideration of all the current issues affecting the tenant farming sector of the agricultural industry in Scotland.

Scottish Health Survey Topic Report: Mental Health and Wellbeing [Health and Community Care]

The Scottish Health Survey (SHeS) provides information on the health and factors relating to the health of people living in Scotland that cannot be obtained from other sources. This topic report is secondary analysis of the 2012 and 2013 surveys, exploring factors associated with the mental health and wellbeing of adults aged 16 years and older.

Total Income from Farming Estimates for Scotland 2012 to 2014 [Agriculture]

Total Income from Farming (TIFF) is an official measure of the net income gained by the agriculture industry in Scotland.

Monday 26/01/2015

Consultation Report - Harbours (Scotland) BIll [Transport]

This report provides an analysis of responses to the Scottish Government’s “Consultation on proposals for a Harbours (Scotland) Bill"

Consultation on a Proposed Bill Relating to Burial and Cremation and Other Related Matters in Scotland - Web Only [Health and Community Care]

To develop legal framework which ensures that the appropriate dignity and respect is shown when carrying out burials and cremations

Community Energy Policy Statement - Consultation Responses [Environment]

Responses to a consultation paper on the SG approach to community energy.

Friday 23/01/2015

Progress Report on the Scottish Fuel Poverty Statement 2002 [Housing]

Sets out recent and planned activity to tackle fuel poverty in Scotland.

Thursday 22/01/2015

Oil and Gas - Fiscal Proposals [Business and Industry]

This paper outlines the key proposals made by the Scottish Government for reform of the oil and gas fiscal regime.

Consultation Responses – Housing (Scotland) Act 2014, Section 28, Private Rented Housing: Enhanced Enforcement Areas [Housing]

All non - confidential responses to the consultation paper on Enhanced Enforcement Areas.

Consultation responses for the Public Engagement for Wind Turbines - Good Practice Guidance [Planning]

All Non - confidential responses to the consultation paper on Public engagement for wind turbine proposals - good practice guidance.

Wildlife Crime Investigative Powers for Inspectors in the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Analysis of Consultation Responses [Environment]

This report contains an analysis of the responses to the consultation on extending the powers available to SSPCA Inspectors, relating to wildlife crime investigations.

Tuesday 20/01/2015

What do we know about In-Work Poverty? A summary of the evidence [Research]

Summarises what the evidence tells us about the extent and impact of in-work poverty in Scotland, and the key factors that influence in-work poverty.

Monday 19/01/2015

Letter of Rights for people in police custody [Law, Order and Public Safety]

A letter, provided to people held in police custody in Scotland, setting out their rights in straightforward language. This version was updated in January 2015.

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