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A Consultation on the Future of Land Reform in Scotland


Annex C - How to respond

1. We would like to hear your views on our vision for a Land Rights and Responsibilities Policy and the proposals we have set out for a Land Reform Bill. This paper covers a wide range of complex issues and we appreciate there is a lot to consider.

2. The proposed Land Rights and Responsibilities Policy and the suggested proposals for a Land Reform Bill are a package of measures. By balancing action in all these areas we can provide a basis for future land reform. However, we appreciate some people will have a particular interest in certain areas. We would encourage you to respond to any or all of those parts where you feel you have a contribution to make. We would also encourage you to set out your long term aspirations by responding to question 3.

3. We also welcome your views on the potential impacts of these proposals. Throughout the development process we have been considering the potential impacts the Bill may have. We believe a range and balance of measures will promote positive social, economic and environmental impacts.

4. We will carry out a full Equality Impact Assessment and Business, Regulatory Impact Assessment and Privacy Impact Assessment on the Land Rights Policy and on the proposals to be contained in a draft Bill. We will also consider the potential environmental impacts of any proposals and if a Strategic Environmental Assessment will be required.

5. We welcome your thoughts on the potential impacts, both positive and potentially negative, of any of the ideas in this paper and questions have been included at the end of the consultation paper for this purpose.

6. The consultation runs until 10 February 2015. A 10 week consultation will allow us to ensure your views are taken into account in order to introduce a Land Reform Bill in the next Parliamentary year.

7. There are a number of ways that you can respond:-

You can respond online on the Scottish Government website.

You can respond by email by sending your response to LandReform@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

You can also respond in writing, by sending your responses to the address below. Please do not forget to include your Respondent Information Form, your response cannot be accepted without it. The Respondent Information Form is set out below.

Land Reform Team
B1 Spur,
Saughton House
EH11 3XD

We would be grateful if you would use the consultation questionnaire provided or would clearly indicate in your response which questions or parts of the consultation paper you are responding to, as this will aid our analysis of the responses received.

Other formats of this consultation can be made available on request, please contact the Land Reform Team.