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Report on HMP Greenock Full Inspection 19-27 May 2014

Report on HMP Greenock Full Inspection 19-27 May 2014

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

ISBN: 9781784127435

Report of a full inspection carried out at HMP Greenock between 19-27 May 2014.

Executive Summary

Overall this is a good report for HMP Greenock, which highlights areas of good practice and identifies where there is potential and opportunity for improvement. When the two new Community Integration Units are built and operational, there will be greater scope for the prison to work constructively with the prisoners to improve their preparation for return to the community.

The report contains 36 recommendations and 8 areas of good practice. The Inspectorate will continue to monitor the progress HMP Greenock makes in

implementing its action plan in response to the recommendations. We look forward to seeing the areas of good practice taken up throughout prisons in Scotland.