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Education outcomes for Scotland’s looked after children

Education outcomes for Scotland’s looked after children

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ISBN: 9781784127961

This publication, an update to the fourth annual edition in the series, presents information on the educational outcomes of the young people who were looked after at any point during 2012/13 and who left school during that academic year.

Executive Summary

Looked after children continue to have lower attainment. Their average tariff score is improving overall.

Looked after young people experiencing only one placement have higher average attainment than those with more placements.

Looked after children less likely to go into positive destinations after they leave school.

Looked after children are less likely than non-looked after children to maintain initially positive destinations.

Looked after children still have poorer school attendance, but percentage attendance is improving.

Children looked after at home have the poorest attendance records of all looked after children.

Rates of exclusions among looked after children continue to fall.

Looked after children are much more likely to be excluded from school than the average pupil.