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Monday 09/06/2014


To seek views on the draft regulations relating to the Care Act 2014 on cross-border placements, dispute resolutions and provider failure.

Wednesday 04/06/2014

High Hedges (Scotland) Act 2013 - Guidance to Local Authorities [Planning]

This is a copy of the guidance issued to local authorities in relation to the operation of the High Hedges (Scotland) Act 2013

Re-thinking Welfare: Fair, Personal and Simple [People and Society]

This is the 2nd report of the Expert Working Group on Welfare looking at the medium and long term options for welfare in an independent Scotland.

Tuesday 03/06/2014

Review of Expenses and Funding of Civil Litigation in Scotland: A Report by Sheriff Principal James A Taylor. Scottish Government Response [Law, Order and Public Safety]

The Scottish Government's response to Sheriff Principal James A Taylor's Review of Expenses and Funding of Civil Litigation in Scotland.

Making it Easy [Health and Community Care]

A health Literacy Action Plan for Scotland

Fire Statistics Review [Statistics]

A report on statistics users responses to a consultation on the presentation of fire statistics following transition to a single service.

Education Working For All! Commission for Developing Scotland's Young Workforce Final Report [Education and Training]

Final report from the Commission for Developing Scotland's Young Workforce. Contains 39 recommendations following extensive consultations with leading figures in education, business and equalities groups.

Monday 02/06/2014

The Water Supplies (Water Quality)(Scotland) Regulations 2014 [Environment]

The Drinking Water Directive sets the standards for drinking water quality. Currently the Water Supply (Water Quality)(Scotland) 2001 and The Water Quality (Scotland) Regulations 2010 regulations transpose this Directive.

Sunday 01/06/2014

A Quick Guide To Help With Health Costs [Health and Community Care]

Public information leaflet providing information on NHS Dental charges, Optical voucher values and help with health costs including Travel costs

Showing: 81 to 89 of 89