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Thursday 10/07/2014

Expert Commission on Energy Regulation: High-Level Report [Business and Industry]

Short summary of the final report of the Expert Commission on Energy Regulation, including an overview of the Commission's conclusions and key messages.

Friday 27/06/2014

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax: A Consultation on Proposed Sub-Sale Development Relief [Economy]

The Scottish Government is seeking views as to whether the LBTT Act should be amended to allow relief from LBTT for one of the land transactions in a “sub-sale” where there is significant development or redevelopment of the land or buildings in question.

The Scottish Government’s response to the report Making Sense: Education for Children and Young People with Dyslexia in Scotland [Education and Training]

This document sets out the Scottish Government's response to Making Sense: Education for Children and Young People with Dyslexia in Scotland.

Renting-out Agricultural Land in Scotland Survey [Research]

Survey of landowners that rent-out land in Scotland

Scottish Agricultural Tenure Evidence Review [Research]

A review of tenure arrangements in Scotland and case studies of selected countries

Survey of the Agricultural Tenant Farmers [Research]

Survey of all agricultural tenants in Scotland


This summary report sets out some of the key findings of research commissioned by Marine Scotland . The purpose of the research is to inform debate and policy development concerning the available options for the management of Scottish quota.

Welfare Reform (Further Provision) (Scotland) Act 2012: Annual Report - 2014 [People and Society]

A report to the Scottish Parliament on the impacts, as they are understood to date, of the Welfare Reform Act 2012 on the people of Scotland; and the mitigation actions taken by the Scottish Government.

The Antisocial Behaviour etc. (Scotland) Act 2004 - Consultation Document - June 2014 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Consultation on technical changes to help practitioners use existing antisocial behaviour legislation and systems more effectively.

Thursday 26/06/2014

Background Paper to Supporting Healthy Choices [Health and Community Care]

Background Paper to Supporting Healthy Choices

Supporting Healthy Choices: A Framework for Voluntary Action [Health and Community Care]

This framework sets out the action we believe is necessary to shape and better support healthier diets in Scotland.


This research estimates the value of food and drink procured by the public sector in Scotland in 2012-13.

Seal Haul-Out Sites Consultation Analysis [Marine and Fisheries]

Summary report containing a detailed analysis of the views and comments received from various stakeholders on the list of proposed haul-out sites.

Seal Haul-Out Sites Consultation Responses [Marine and Fisheries]

Individual responses received from different stakeholders

Good Practice Principles For Community Benefits From Offshore Renewables (Draft for Public Consultation) [Sustainable Development]

The Scottish Government believes that the benefits of renewable energy should be shared across Scotland, and should be invested in our communities for long-term stability. There are a range of challenges and barriers in providing community benefits from offshore renewables and these community benefit principles are intended to reflect and accommodate these factors as well as the sensitive and early-stage nature of the industry.

Wednesday 25/06/2014

Easy Read - Self-directed Support - Values and Principles Statement [Health and Community Care]

The Values & Principles Statement tells us what difference Self-directed Support will make in people’s lives to the way people are supported

National Care Standards Review [Health and Community Care]

Almost all of us will use a care service at some point in our lives. This consultation asks you to play your part in shaping the quality standards for services that the people of Scotland deserve.

HM Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland Annual Report 2013-2014 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

HMCIPS's first annual report, and summary of inspections undertaken during report year 2013-14.

Equally Safe: Scotland's strategy for preventing and eradicating violence against women and girls [People and Society]

Equally Safe sets out Scotland's strategy to take action on all forms of violence against women and girls. While the overarching aim is to prevent and eradicate violence against women and girls, it identifies key priority areas. While the strategy sets out some early commitments, it explains how a phased approach will help ensure that the longer-term change is sustained.

Synthetic Vaginal Mesh Mid-urethral Tape Procedure for the Surgical Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence in Women [Health and Community Care]

This Booklet gives detailed information about the synthetic mid-urethral sling procedure.

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