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Future Model for Community Justice in Scotland

Future Model for Community Justice in Scotland

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

ISBN: 9781784124007

A consultation paper which describes the new model for community justice in Scotland

Executive Summary

The Scottish Government published its response to the consultation on redesigning the community justice system on 16 December 2013. The response outlined the skeleton of a new model for community justice and was developed with support from COSLA, ADSW and SOLACE.

The main features of the new model are:

• Local strategic planning and service delivery on a partnership basis under Community Planning Partnerships (CPPs);

• Duties on a defined set of partner bodies, including local authorities, NHS boards and Police Scotland, to engage in this local strategic planning and delivery, with accountability for planning and performance residing at this level;

• A national body, with the suggested name of Community Justice Improvement Scotland, will be established to provide independent professional assurance to Scottish Ministers on the collective achievement of community justice outcomes across Scotland;

• Collective or collaborative arrangements incorporating aspects which may be best commissioned, managed or delivered nationally; and

• A mechanism, reflecting the national and local democratic responsibilities, to afford discussion and agreements as necessary, on aspects of mutual concern.

It also stated that a further consultation would take place to give stakeholders, practitioners and members of the public the opportunity to comment on, and contribute to the development of, the new model - this consultation paper provides that opportunity.