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Scottish Government consultation on Future CAP direct payments in Scotland from 2015

Scottish Government consultation on Future CAP direct payments in Scotland from 2015

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ISBN: 9781784121839

The purpose of this consultation is to help us decide exactly how we implement direct payments in Scotland from January 1st 2015.

Executive Summary

Europe has recently agreed new rules for Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Pillar 1 direct payments to farmers which will apply between 2015-2020. Europe has set out a broad ranging framework of measures, some of which are mandatory – although we can chose exactly how to implement them in Scotland – whilst other measures are optional and we need to decide which if any, should be available to farmers in the next CAP. These new direct payments will replace existing Single Farm Payments (SFP) from 2015.

The consultation is divided into four main sections. The first section covers how future Basic Payments, should be made. These are the main form of future direct payment and we can decide when we want them to be fully area-based. The consultation also covers other mandatory aspects of future support which are the Greening payment which will account for 30% of future funds and the National Reserve. The consultation seeks views on the 4 optional types of future direct support: voluntary coupled support, redistributive payments, Pillar 1 ANC payments and the Small Farmer Scheme.

In addition to the main consultation document, we are also providing a background information “Overview” document and a “Ready Reckoner” to help farmers calculate the likely impact of the proposed changes on their future payments. The Consultation also includes the Partial Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment.

How to Respond

Respond to the consultation online

You can respond by sending to the following address;

CAP Reform & Crop Policy
Scottish Government   
D Spur Saughton House
Broomhouse Drive
Edinburgh EH11 3XD

Tel: 0300244 6788

Or by emailing CAPMovingForward@scotland.gsi.gov.uk .

You can contact us to request a paper copy of the consultation.

The Scottish Government would welcome your views on these proposals for future CAP direct payment support to farmers. You can answer as much of the consultation as you wish and you can also save a part-completed response and return to it at a later date if you wish. The closing date for responses is 28th March 2014.