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Consultation on the Home Report

Consultation on the Home Report

Thursday, December 5, 2013

ISBN: 978-1-78412-075-7

To seek views on how the Home Report is currently working after five years of operation.

Executive Summary

This consultation is the first stage of the policy review of the Home Report.

The second stage of the five year review will involve a research study. The research study, due to begin late Spring/early Summer, will consider and build on the Interim Review and the findings from this consultation to evaluate how the

Home Report has performed over its five years of operation. It will also contain a market analysis to provide a comprehensive review of Home Reports.

This consultation aims to seek the views and experiences of people who have used the Home Report, and of those that are involved in the house buying and selling system including buyers, sellers and industry professionals.

The consultation is in three sections, which seek views on:

Section 1 – whether the Home Report is meeting its objectives and if these objectives are still the right ones.

Section 2 – how the Home Report operates in the current market, by exploring topics raised by stakeholders and the general public since the introduction of the Home Report costs, commissioning, production, marketing, timescales, access, enforcement, access to mortgage finance, exceptions and redress.

Section 3 – the content, layout and usefulness of the Home Report documents.