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Scottish House Conditions Survey 2012 - Key Findings

Scottish House Conditions Survey 2012 - Key Findings

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

ISBN: 9781784121549

This publication reports statistics from a national survey of the housing stock which is part of the Scottish Household Survey (SHS). Until 2012 this was known as the Scottish House Condition Survey (SHCS). Following the review of the large scale Scottish population surveys, the SHCS was incorporated within the SHS and became one of its modules.

Executive Summary

Under the new design the SHCS continues to combine an interview with occupants and a physical inspection of dwellings to provide a picture of Scotland’s occupied housing stock, covering all types of households and dwellings across the country - whether owned or rented, flats or houses. The physical data recorded by professional, trained surveyors is combined with the social data from the interview with the householder. This ‘social’ interview covers a range of topics such as household characteristics, tenure, neighbourhood satisfaction, dwelling satisfaction, health status, income, etc. The result is a powerful data set for examining the condition and standard of dwellings and the views and experience of the people living in those dwellings.

The report covers the following topics:

• Key attributes of the Scottish housing stock;

• Energy efficiency of housing

• Fuel poverty; and

• Housing quality