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Pesticide Usage in Scotland: Arable Crops and Potato Stores 2012

Pesticide Usage in Scotland: Arable Crops and Potato Stores 2012

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ISBN: 9781782567974

Information on pesticide usage on arable crops and potato stores; from surveillance surveys

Executive Summary

This report presents information from a survey of pesticide use on arable crops and on stored potatoes which were harvested in 2012 in Scotland.

The total estimated area of arable crops grown in 2012 was 528,467 hectares. This is an increase of over five percent from the previous survey in 2010.

It is estimated that 96% of the arable crop was treated with a pesticide in 2012. Herbicides were applied to 94% of the crop, fungicides to 92%, seed treatments to 91%, growth regulators to 38%, insecticides to 25% and molluscicides to 10%.

Fungicides accounted for 47% of the total pesticide formulation treated area, herbicides 28%, seed treatments 10%, growth regulators 9%, insecticides 5% and molluscicides 2%.

The overall estimated quantity of potatoes stored in 2012 was 960,064 tonnes, a decrease of 15% compared to the 2010 report. Seed potatoes decreased by an estimated 17% to 329,427 tonnes. Ware potatoes decreased by 13% to an estimated 630,637 tonnes in storage. This may be due to the difficult harvest season in 2012.

Twenty percent of seed potatoes were treated in store and 35% of ware potatoes.