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Pesticide Usage in Scotland: Soft Fruit Crops 2012

Pesticide Usage in Scotland: Soft Fruit Crops 2012

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

ISBN: 9781782567981

Information on pesticide usage on soft fruit crops; from surveillance surveys.

Executive Summary

This report presents information from a survey of pesticide use on Scottish soft fruit crops cultivated outdoors or under tempory protection. The crops surveyed included raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrents and other minor soft fruit crops.

The total area of Scottish soft fruit crops, grown outdoors or under temporary protection, in 2012 was calculated to be 1,547 hectares. This represents a 19% decrease from the area reported in 2010.

It was estimated that 96% of the 2012 soft fruit crop received a pesticide application. Ninety-six percent of the crop was treated with a fungicide, 93% with an insecticide/acaricide, 60% with a herbicide, 29% with a molluscicide and 29% with a biological control agent.

Despite the 19% reduction in crop area, the pesticide formulation treated area in 2012 decreased by only 4%. This is due to an increase in the pesticide treated area in relation to crop area. For example, when crop area is taken into account, mean applications were 9.2 kg/ha in 2010 and 12.7 kg/ha in 2012, representing an increase of 38%.

Fungicides accounted for 60% of the total pesticide formulation treated area, herbicides 10%, insecticides/acaricides 23%, molluscicides 2% and biological control 5%.