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Fire and Rescue Service Wildfire Operational Guidance

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateOctober 21, 2013


ISBN 978 1 78256 498 0
DPPAS 12819

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Section 1 Foreword

Section 2 Preface

Section 3 Introduction
What is Wildfire?
Are Wildfires a Problem for the UK?

Section 4 Relevant Legislation and Guidance
General FRA Legislation and Applicable Guidance
Health and Safety Legislation
Legislation Regarding Land Management and the Countryside
Further Reading

Section 5 Strategic Role of Operational Guidance
Role of Operational Guidance
Status of Operational Guidance
Operational Guidance Review Protocols

Section 6 Generic Risk Assessments (GRAs)
The Risk Assessment Process

Section 7 Key Principles
Key Principles

Section 8 Fire and Rescue Service Operations

Part A Preparedness, Pre-Planning and Partnerships

Part B Technical Considerations

1 The Effects of Fuel
2 The Effects of Weather
3 The Effects of Topography
4 The Understanding and Use of Topographical Maps
5 Fire Development
6 The Wildfire Prediction System (WPS)
7 Wildfire Incident Management
8 Fire Suppression Tactics
9 Aerial Suppression Tactics
10 Safety at a Wildfire Incident

Part C Generic Standard Operating Procedure

Appendix 1 - An Example of a Fire Plan

Appendix 2 - OS 1:25000 Legend

Appendix 3 - OS 1:50000 Legend

Appendix 4 - Example of SMEAC Form

Glossary of Wildfire Terminology


References and Bibliography