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Monday 04/11/2013

Fiscal Commission Working Group - Principles for a Modern and Efficient Tax System in an Independent Scotland [Economy]

This report from the Fiscal Commission Working Group sets out the principles of a modern and efficient tax system and the opportunities, responsibilities and choices that an independent Scotland would face.

Thursday 31/10/2013

Allied Health Professions Scotland Consensus Statement on Quality Service Values [Health and Community Care]

A consensus statement by the thirteen Allied Health Professions in Scotland on the minimum quality service values the people of Scotland can expect from Allied Health Professionals and Allied Health Professions service providers.

Wednesday 30/10/2013

Consultation on the Disabled Students Allowance - Responses [Education and Training]

Publication of the 39 responses received to the recent Consultaiton on the Disabled Students Allowance

Fee Review 2014 Consultation [Government]

Registers of Scotland, the government department charged with delivering land and property registration for the people of Scotland, is encouraging all with an interest in this to participate in the consultation. It is worth noting that this fee review incorporates fee proposals for the new products/services resulting from the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012. The consultation will be live on the Scottish Government and Register of Scotland’s websites from 29 October 2013.

Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme - Consultation Responses [Environment]

These are the responses received to the public consultation on the draft Scottish Climate Change Adaptation Programme.

Tuesday 29/10/2013

Play Strategy for Scotland: Our Action Plan [Education and Training]

The Action Plan supports the earlier Strategy by setting out the steps needed to realise our vision for play.

Higher Education Student Support in Scotland, 2012-13 [Education and Training]

Statistics showing the number of students supported and amounts paid or authorised by Student Awards Agency Scotland in tuition fees, loans and awards.

Long-term Monitoring of Health Inequalities: Headline Indicators - October 2013 [Health and Community Care]

Annual update of the 'Long-term Monitoring of Health Inequalities' headline indicators.

Respite Care Scotland 2013 [Health and Community Care]

Presents information on respite care services provided or purchased by Local Authorities in Scotland. Respite Care is a service intended to benefit a carer and the person he or she cares for by providing a short break from caring tasks.

Monday 28/10/2013

Draft Scottish Planning Policy: Sustainability & Planning [Planning]

Consultation paper setting out proposals for a revised section on 'Sustainability and Planning' in Scottish Planning Policy.

A Commentary on Scotland's Digital Performance [Statistics]

A commentary on how Scotland is performing across aspects of the digital strategy using currently available data.

Taylor Review: Review of Expenses and Funding of Civil Litigation in Scotland [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Taylor Review: Review of Expenses and Funding of Civil Litigation in Scotland

Friday 25/10/2013

Flood disadvantage in Scotland: mapping the potential losses in well-being [Research]

This Scottish research looks at the communities most socially and spatially vulnerable to potential flood events in terms of their underlying characteristics (i.e. socio-demographic data such as age and health, spatial and physical characteristics of the neighbourhood), with a focus on mapping flood disadvantage (i.e. socio-spatial vulnerability combined with the probability of being flooded).

Designating Colleges as Regional Colleges and Assigning Colleges to Regional Strategic Bodies [Education and Training]

This consultation paper seeks comments on the Government’s plans to designate ten colleges in single college regions as regional colleges and to assign colleges in three other regions to regional strategic bodies. This includes seeking comments in relation to making a college in Lanarkshire a regional strategic body which would replace the need to proceed with the establishment of the Regional Board for Lanarkshire Colleges.

Thursday 24/10/2013

Responses to the Consultation on the Proposed Merging of the Scottish Tribunals Service and the Scottish Court Service [Law, Order and Public Safety]

The responses recieved on the Consultation on how the the unique character of both tribunals and courts and the specialist expertise and distinctive ethos of tribunals could be maintained if the Scottish Tribunals Service (STS) and the Scottish Court Service (SCS) were merged.

Wednesday 23/10/2013

Consultation on the proposed amendment to The Environmental Protection (Restriction on Use of Lead Shot) (Scotland) (No.2) Regulations 2004 [Environment]

Consultation on the proposed amendment to The Environmental Protection (Restriction on Use of Lead Shot) (Scotland) (No.2) Regulations 2004; to permit the use of lead shot over wetlands during the 2014 Commonwealth Games at Barry Buddon near Carnoustie.

Consultation regarding the redraw of Data Zones [Statistics]

This consultation contains proposals for the redraw of Data Zones

Tuesday 22/10/2013

Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing - Equality impact Assessment - Results [Housing]

An Equality Impact Assessment (EQIA)was undertaken alongide development of the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH). The findings are summerised in the EQIA Results document.

Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing: Peer Review [Housing]

The EESSH Peer Review scrutinises the example dwellings in the EESSH consultation document and extends the coverage to include a further 12 harder to treat property types.

Review of Scottish public sector procurement in construction [Economy]

Report of the independent review of procurement in construction carried out by Robin Crawford and Ken Lewandowski.

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