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DRAFT - Relationships guidance

DRAFT - Relationships guidance

Thursday, September 26, 2013

ISBN: 9781782569091

Relationships, sexual health and parenthood education forms a key part of Health and Wellbeing within Curriculum for Excellence. Update of Circular 2/2001.

Executive Summary

Guidance was issued to schools on 22 March 2001 on Section 56 of the Standards in Scottish Schools etc, Act 2000: Conduct of Sex Education in Scottish Schools, known as Circular 2/2001. Since this Circular was written, Curriculum for Excellence has been introduced in Scottish schools and the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament in June 2013 (and may reach Royal Assent in early 2014).

This guidance is in the process of being updated to reflect these developments. We welcome all comments from organisations and individuals.

This guidance is for teachers and adults working with children and young people in an educational setting.