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Delivering Recovery-Opioid Replacement Therapies in Scotland-Independent Expert Review

Delivering Recovery-Opioid Replacement Therapies in Scotland-Independent Expert Review

Thursday, August 22, 2013

ISBN: 9781782568308

An independent expert group commissioned by the Scottish Government was set up to gather and explore evidence on opiate replacement therapies used to treat people with drug addictions. The group is lead by Sir Harry Burns and chaired by Dr Brian Kidd.

Executive Summary

The Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Sir Harry Burns, commissioned a review of the place of Opioid Replacement Therapies (ORT) to (1) ensure that these interventions are being used appropriately and in line with the international evidence base as part of a person-centred recovery focused approach and (2) consider where further improvement may be made to contribute to the quality emphasis of Phase Three of the Road to Recovery Strategy delivery programme.

The review team examined the international evidence for the effectiveness of ORT and the relevant guidance and standards for clinicians and treatment services. They also surveyed all Scottish Alcohol & Drugs Partnerships (ADPs)in Scotland regarding treatment delivery and local plans to support recovery as well as taking extensive evidence from a wide range of stakeholders including service users and their families.

The review process and the report writing were guided by a steering group with the draft report being commented on by a group of international experts from a range of backgrounds and philosophies.

The final report of the independent review makes 12 recommendations.