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Towards a Litter-Free Scotland: Consultation on a strategy to tackle and prevent litter and flytipping

DescriptionWe want our National Litter Strategy to achieve a cleaner, safer environment for people who live in and visit Scotland - where littering is no longer acceptable. The strategy we are consulting on is a package of measures to encourage people not to litter or flytip.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJuly 04, 2013


ISBN 978 1 78256 722 6 (web only publication)
DPPAS 14448

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A supplementary document is also available in pdf format (82KB)
A BRIA document is also available in pdf format (340KB)
The respondent information form and consultation questionnaire are available in Word format (160KB)


1. Executive summary

2. Foreword

3. Introduction - why is tackling litter and flytipping a priority?

4. Key consultation information

5. Strategic Approach

6. Strategic Direction: Information

7. Strategic Direction: Infrastructure

8. Strategic Direction: Enforcement

9. Conclusion

10. How to respond to this consultation

11. Consultation arrangements and Respondent Information Form