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Tenant Information Pack

DescriptionA tenant information pack for the private rented sector.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateFebruary 01, 2013


ISBN 978 1 78256 344 0 (Web only publication)
DPPAS 13815

This document is also available in pdf format (741k)


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Tenant Information Pack for the Private Rented Sector

1 Your tenancy
1.1 Short assured tenancy
1.2 Assured tenancy
1.3 Tenancy agreement
1.4 Ending your tenancy
1.5 Grounds for landlords regaining possession of their property

2 Information about the property
2.1 Gas safety
2.2 Electrical safety
2.3 Energy Performance Certificate
2.4 Council Tax
2.5 Number of people who may live at the property
2.6 Repairing Standard
2.7 Inventories
2.8 Fire safety

3 Information about your landlord
3.1 Landlord registration
3.2 House in multiple occupation (HMO) licensing

4 Responsibilities of tenants and landlords
4.1 Tenant's main responsibilities
4.2 Landlord's main responsibilities
4.3 Role of letting agents
4.4 Harassment and unlawful eviction
4.5 Tenancy deposit schemes
4.6 Antisocial behaviour - tenant and landlord obligations

5 Further advice and support