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Proposals for Licensing Air Weapons in Scotland


Legislative Position

13. The exact timing and detail of the proposed changes have yet to be established, and will have to take account of the many pressures on the legislative timetable in the Scottish Parliament.

14. It is most likely that a new "enabling" Bill will be laid in the Scottish Parliament. This could be a stand alone Bill, or part of a wider Bill covering similar issues across the Justice portfolio. Secondary legislation would then be introduced setting out the detail of the new procedures, fees, offences etc.

15. It is likely that new legislation and systems for air weapons licensing in Scotland will have to operate alongside the existing British firearms licensing arrangements, at least for the foreseeable future. It therefore makes sense to develop systems which mirror, as far as possible, the existing legislative structures, processes and controls on firearms to ensure consistency and clarity. This does not, of course, preclude "improving" on existing systems where that makes sense, or where Ministers wish to make specific changes.