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Proposals for Licensing Air Weapons in Scotland



61. One of the issues which has been raised at the Scottish Firearms Consultative Panel is whether air weapons owners who choose to give up their weapons should be compensated financially. On balance, the Scottish Government does not propose to offer such compensation. Many of the 500,000 air weapons estimated to be in Scotland may be old, unused and lying forgotten in attics and garages and we do not believe it is appropriate to offer compensation for these.

62. For newer, or regularly used air weapons, it will be for the owner to decide whether he or she wishes to retain the weapon and obtain a certificate for it, or to hand it in to the police. In order to assist in that decision, the Scottish Government will aim to set a certificate application fee at a level which takes account of the fact that the majority of new air weapons being sold by dealers cost less than £100 at point of sale. Those who possess the more expensive weapons are highly likely to have them for legitimate use such as pest control, organised sports events etc, and are therefore more likely to apply for and be granted a certificate.