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Teaching Scotland's Future - National Partnership Group - Report to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning - September 2012


Section 6: Proposals of the National Partnership Group: Timetable

Proposals Timetable
Integrated Early Career
1. Education Scotland should begin pilots on diagnostic tests for literacy and numeracy. Complete by June 2013 and roll-out from September 2013.
2. All local authorities and universities will enter into partnership arrangements for the provision of Initial Teacher Education and beyond. By August 2013.
3. Education Scotland to consider an aspect review of the new partnership arrangements. To be confirmed.
4. GTCS will undertake a review of entry requirements to course of Initial Teacher Education and republish these. By spring 2013.
5. GTCS to review the Guidelines for Courses to Initial Teacher Education and republish these. By spring 2013.
6. The National Strategy Group on Student Placements (NSG) and the Teacher Induction Scheme Ongoing Review Group (TISORG) to be succeeded by a single group which will report to the National Implementation Board. The NSG and TISORG will be wound-up once the National Implementation Board is established. By autumn 2012.
Career-Long Professional Learning including Enhanced Educational Leadership
7. STEC to deliver proposals for an agreed framework for accrediting prior learning and the creation of a Scottish Masters of Education. Report by June 2013.
8. Education Scotland to issue on-line resources to support mentoring and coaching. Resources to be available by November 2012.
9. Education Scotland to chair group of stakeholders that will produce on-line resources to support effective PRD. Resources to be available by April 2013.
10. The National Implementation Board will have oversight of a programme of pilots looking at establishing a new model of professional learning. The pilot projects will be established by January 2013 with evaluation concluded by September 2013.
11. Education Scotland to co-ordinate a series of regional events to increase the level of understanding of the new model of professional learning. By end March 2013.
12. The National Implementation Board to publish annually the key priorities for teacher learning. To be confirmed.
13. The GTCS, working with the University of Edinburgh and Education Scotland, are developing online interactive resources to support professional enquiry within schools. Resources to be available by December 2012.
14. Education Scotland to develop further on-line support through a professional learning portal. This will include a replacement for CPDFind, an e-portfolio to record learning outcomes and an interactive Framework for Educational Leadership. Interim solution delivered by January 2013.
15. GTCS and Education Scotland will develop, together with other stakeholders to ensure the final product meets the needs of the wider education community, an e-portfolio to record learning outcomes. E-portfolio to be available by August 2013.
16. Education Scotland to publish the Framework for Educational Leadership. By autumn 2012.
17. The Scottish Government to manage the evaluation of the range of routes to headship, including SQH/FRH. Research to be competed by August 2013.
18. Local authorities to support all aspiring headteachers in accessing a qualification or professional award in educational leadership. Within 5 years such a qualification should become a prerequisite for being appointed as a Headteacher. In addition local authorities should support existing headteachers, who do not currently have a formal leadership qualification, to obtain one. Requirement to hold qualification by August 2017.
19. The National Implementation Board will have oversight of a project to scope potential models, including possible funding arrangements, for the establishment of a Scottish College for Educational Leadership. Scoping study to be completed by spring 2013 and College established by August 2013.
Supporting Ongoing Development in Teacher Learning
20. The National Implementation Board to be established with clear focus on implementing agreed actions from the NPG report. The Board would be expected to hold to account individual work streams and projects taken forward by partners and ensure that change is implemented. By autumn 2012.