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The Strategy for Justice in Scotland

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateSeptember 13, 2012


ISBN 978 1 78045 890 8
DPPAS 12886

This document is also available in pdf format (5.9 mb)


Executive Summary

1 Introduction by Cabinet Secretary

2 Outcomes
2.1 Aim of the Justice Strategy
2.2 The Scottish Government's Purpose and National Outcomes
2.3 Vision and principles

3 Evidence
3.1 The wider context
3.2 Scottish justice in perspective
3.3 Evidence on what works
3.4 Equalities
3.5 The geography of justice in Scotland

4 Priorities
4.1 What are the priorities?
4.2 Strategic approach
Priority 1: Reducing crime, particularly violent and serious organised crime
Priority 2: Reducing the harmful impact of drug and alcohol use
Priority 3: Preventing offending by young people
Priority 4: Reducing reoffending
Priority 5: Increasing public confidence and reducing fear of crime
Priority 6: Reducing the harm from fires and other emergencies
Priority 7: Tackling hate crime and sectarianism
Priority 8: Strengthening community engagement and resilience
Priority 9: Transforming civil and administrative justice
Priority 10: Widening access to justice and advancing law reform
Priority 11: Enhancing efficiency
Priority 12: Supporting victims and witnesses

5 Innovation

6 Ambition

7 Taking the strategy forward
7.1 Embedding the strategy