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Annual Listing of Publications

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Thursday 27/10/2011

Scottish Policing Performance Framework Annual Report 2010-11 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Scottish Policing Performance Framework Annual Report 2010-11

Updates to SIMD Income and Employment Domains [Statistics]

Updates to SIMD Income and Employment Domains

Wednesday 26/10/2011

Analysis of Responses to the Public Consultation on Scottish Marine Regions - Defining Their Boundaries [Research]

Analysis of written responses to a consultation paper on proposals for the creation of Scottish Marine Regions.

Statistical Bulletin Crime and Justice Series: Fire Statistics Scotland, 2010-11 [Statistics]

Overview of Scottish fire statistics over the 10 year period from 200-01 to 2010-11 at a Fire and Rescue Service and Scotland level.

Statistics Publication Notice: Lifelong Learning Series: Higher Education Student Support in Scotland 2010-11 [Statistics]

Higher Education Studnet Support, 2010-11

Tuesday 25/10/2011

Scottish Health Survey: Topic Report; Obesity [Health and Community Care]

Scottish Health Survey topic report examining methods of measuring obesity and the factors associated with obesity in Scotland

Compulsory purchase and compensation: A guide for owners, tenants and occupiers in Scotland [Planning]

a guide to compulsory purchase for owners tenants and occupiers

Long-Term Monitoring of Health Inequalities [Health and Community Care]

An annual report which summarises the long-term differences in health trends between the least and most deprived areas of Scotland.

Recorded Crimes And Offences Involving Firearms, Scotland, 2010-11 [Statistics]

Firearm offences 2010-11

Respite Care, Scotland 2011 [Health and Community Care]

Respite Care, Scotland 2011

Review of Higher Education Governance - Consultation Responses [Education and Training]

Review of Higher Education Governance - Conslutation Responses

Statistical Bulletin: Crime and Justice Series: Civil Judicial Statistics Scotland, 2010-11 [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Civil judicial statistics publication for 2010-11

The Scottish Health Survey: Topic Report: Obesity [Health and Community Care]

Topic report on Obesity from the Scottish Health Survey series

Monday 24/10/2011

A Review Of Reinvestment In Financial Investigation From The Proceeds Of Crime [Research]

A review of the financial investigation in 3 police forces following the reinvestment of proceeds of crime money.

Friday 21/10/2011

Scottish Planning Series - Planning Circular 6 2011 - Compulsory Purchase Orders [Planning]

Scottish Government policy on making compulsory purchase orders

Thursday 20/10/2011

Scotland's Budget Documents: The 2011-12 Autumn Budget Revision to the Budget (Scotland) Act for the year ending 31 March 2012 [Economy]

Autumn Budget Revision 2011-12

Winter Weather Review Group Report [Law, Order and Public Safety]

Winter Weather Review Group Report

Wednesday 19/10/2011

Evaluation of the Activity Agreements Pilots [Education and Training]

Evaluation of Activity Agreement Pilots

Gross Domestic Product for Scotland, 2011 Q2 [Statistics]

A National Statistics Publication for Scotland. Estimates of Scottish GDP at constant basic prices, also known as Gross Value Added (GVA), for the second quarter of 2011.

Scottish Drugs Strategy Delivery Commission - First Year Report & Recommendations to Minister [Health and Community Care]

The Scottish Drugs Strategy Delivery Commission's first report on the Scottish Government’s progress in the delivery of the national drugs strategy, the Road to Recovery.

Showing: 141 to 160 of 806