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Thursday 24/11/2011

Employment Related Settlement, Tier 5 and Overseas Domestic Workers [Government]

Scottish Government Response to UK Consultation on Employment Related Settlement, Tier 5 and Overseas Domestic Workers.

Family Migration [Government]

Scottish Government Response to UK Consultation on Family Migration.

Health Records Services: Operational Procedure for the Destruction of Personal Health Records [Health and Community Care]

Guidance note relating to the management of Health Records across NHS Scotland. This focusses on culling and destruction of records.

Limits on non-EU Economic Migration [Government]

The Scottish Government’s response to the UK Government consultation on limiting non-EU migration.

Scottish House Condition Survey - Local Authority Report 2008-2010 [Statistics]

This report combines three years worth of data (2008, 2009 and 2010) to provide a series of tables which present estimates for key indicators important at local authority level.

Scottish House Condition Survey: Key Findings 2010 [Housing]

The Scottish House Condition Survey (SHCS) combines both an interview with occupants and a physical inspection of dwellings to build up a picture of Scotland’s occupied housing stock. This is the seventh ‘Key Findings’ report since the SHCS changed to a continuous format in 2003.

Scottish Household Survey 2011 Quarter 2 Data Release [Statistics]

A National Statistics publication for Scotland announcing the availability of the Scottish Household Survey (SHS) for a particular quarter - 2011 Quarter 2. This will help to ensure orderly and open access to the SHS data up to June 2011 to inform policy from people within and outwith the Scottish Government.

The Smith Group Report November 2011 [Education and Training]

The Smith Group has been active since 2005, advising and guiding Ministers in successive administrations on education policy, enterprise in education and youth employment issues.

Wednesday 23/11/2011

Mental Health Strategy for Scotland: 2011-15 A Consultation [Health and Community Care]

A Easy Read version of Mental Health for Scotland: 2011-15 A Consultation

Scottish Social Housing Charter - a formal consultation on the draft Charter - Consultation Responses [Housing]

Consultation reaoponses to the draft Scottish Social Housing Charter

Friday 18/11/2011

Introduction of an Energy Performance Certificate Lodgement Transaction Fee [Building]

A consultation on the introduction of a transaction fee for lodgement on the Non-domestic buildings database and the Home Energy Efficiency database.

Religiously Aggravated Offending in Scotland 2010-11 [Research]

A breakdown of religious aggravations charges (section 74 of the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2010) in Scotland in 2010-11.

Towards a Single National Specialist Transport Service for Scotland - ScotSTAR: Strategic vision [Health and Community Care]

This paper reflects the work of the Specialist Transport Services Strategic Review Project Board, and provides an overview of the vision and strategic plan for a national specialist transport service for Scotland - ScotSTAR (Scottish Specialist Transport and Retrieval).

Thursday 17/11/2011

Patient Rights (Scotland) Act 2011 Consultation on Secondary Legislation - Responses [Health and Community Care]

Responses to consultation on secondary legislation relating to the Patient Rights (Scotland) Act 2011

Scottish Fish Farms Annual Production Survey 2010 [Marine and Fisheries]

Scottish Fish Farms Annual Production Survey 2010

Wednesday 16/11/2011

Summary Justice Reform Lay Justice Evaluation - Research Findings [Research]

Summary of the evaluation of the implementation and impact of repforms to lay justice that formed one strand of summary justice reform.

Summary Justice Reform: Lay Justice Evaluation [Research]

Findings of the evaluation of the implementation and impact of reforms to lay justice. Third in a series of evaluations of summary justice reforms.

Tuesday 15/11/2011

College Regionalisation - Proposals for implementing Putting Learners at the Centre [Education and Training]

The consultation seeks views on how best to address the challenges of moving to the new vision for college education in Scotland set out in Putting Learners at the Centre – Delivering our Ambitions for Post-16 Education.

Rail 2014 Consultation [Transport]

Rail users and stakeholders are being asked to play their part in shaping Scotland's rail services with passenger interests at the heart. In 2014, both the current contract for rail passenger services (ScotRail) and the funding arrangements for Network Rail in Scotland are due to come to an end and new arrangements have to be in place. The consultation document provides details of how the railway in Scotland operates today and sets out the questions and options being considered for the fut

Monday 14/11/2011

Discussion Paper: Improving Advocacy for Children and Young People: Principles and Minimum Standards [People and Society]

A national discussion paper proposing a set of principles and minimum standards to be applied whenever advocacy support is being given to a child or young person.

Showing: 81 to 100 of 806