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Scottish Careers IAG Qualifications and CPD Framework Group - Meeting 2

[CFG - AP2]





Marian Healy (Chair)

Learning and Skills Improvement Service

Col Baird (Secretariat)

Scottish Government

Graham Allan

University of West of Scotland

Hazel Burgess

Scottish Government

Julie Cavanagh

Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework

Gerry Flynn*

Clydebank College (Scotland's Colleges Guidance Community of Practice)

Liz Galashan

Skills Development Scotland

Ruth Ohldag*

Education Scotland

Peter Robertson

Edinburgh Napier University

Daniel Sellers

Education Scotland (for presentation)

David Setchell

Inspiring Futures and ISCO

Liz Thomson

Institute of Careers Guidance

Elizabeth Wilson

East Renfrewshire Council

* Substitute


Anne Boyd

Scottish Qualifications Authority

Graham Hollowell

Scottish Government

Kerr McCreath

Forth Valley College (Scotland's Colleges Guidance Community of Practice)

Linda Murdoch

Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services

Alan Runcie

Education Scotland

Presentation - Professional development framework for Scotland's adult literacies workforce

1. The Group agreed that:

a) the literacies framework would be used as a template for the careers IAG framework

b) to 'reality check' the final product comments would be sought from people in the careers sector performing jobs similar to those outlined in draft job profiles in the careers IAG framework

c) the careers IAG framework would contain illustrative examples of how individuals and employers could utilise the framework

d) links would be made between the careers, literacies and community learning and development frameworks.

Defining the careers workforce in Scotland

2. The Group agreed that:

a) the LLUK profiles provide a useful template to follow, subject to some refinements (Annex A)

b) profiles should be developed for:

  • careers adviser (based on LLUK profile, but less definitive)
  • employability adviser (based on LLUK profile, but less definitive)
  • key worker (based on LLUK profile, but less definitive)
  • first contact adviser (based on LLUK profile, but less definitive)
  • strategic manager (Marian Healy to send some information to Col Baird)
  • education guidance adviser (based on information in Group Paper 3, but make more generic).

c) job roles of schools careers co-ordinator and employability advisers contracted by JobCentre Plus are not within the scope of the project. That said, the framework would be relevant to them as it would help them and other related practitioners to identify suitable qualifications and development opportunities and assist employers in developing joint CPD opportunities, where relevant.

Interim and Final Reports

3. The Group agreed that:

a) the interim report would follow the template agreed for the final report (i.e. it would follow the format of the literacies framework) and would include, among other things:

  • as context, information on the UK and global dimension
  • the European Qualifications Framework
  • Future trends likely to impact on current practice and require immediate attention.

b) the final report will need to take into account any changes that may occur in existing delivery arrangements.

Future meetings

4. The Group agreed the focus of future meetings (Annex B).

Action Points

Carried forward from previous meeting on 30 September

1. Marian Healy to send Col Baird LSIS report when available on demand for new entry route qualifications for career development in Scotland (survey closed on 19 October) for onward transmission to members.

2. Members to send Col Baird any relevant equalities information of which they are aware. [Ongoing]

3. SQA to send details of existing relevant qualifications, including information on who they are aimed at, who awards them, and the criteria for entry.

4. Members to update related materials document. [Ongoing]

New actions

5. Julie Cavangah to send url [1] of SCQF database on qualifications or learning programmes credit rated since 2006 once SQA has uploaded data to it. [Done]

6. Members to send Col Baird information on uptake and completion rates of relevant qualifications over past few years, including any information on the types of people pursuing them.

7. Marian Healy to send Col Baird link to LLUK interactive tool for qualifications for community learning and development practitioners. [Done] [2]

8. Members to consider within their organisations how their organisations should respond to the post-16 review consultation paper.

9. Elizabeth Wilson to consider how best to recognise the role of employability advisers employed by local authorities in the framework.

10. Gerry Flynn to provide Col Baird with a paragraph for interim report on college staff.

11. Ruth Ohldag to provide Col Baird with a paragraph for the interim report on school staff. [Done]

12. Liz Thomas to provide Col Baird with a paragraph for the interim report on UK work on qualifications for employability advisers contracted by JobCentre Plus. [Done]

13. Julie Cavangah to suggest SCQF job levels for job profiles using SCQF level descriptors. [Carry forward]

14. Marian Healy to send Col Baird information to help develop a strategic manager role profile [Done]

15. Col Baird to advise members of change of time of January meeting [Done].

16. Col Baird to draft and circulate interim report for comment to members ahead of December meeting. [Done]

Col Baird

Scottish Government

27 October 2011ANNEX A


1. Where could you find this role?

2. Who could you normally be working with?

3. What type of role is this?

4. Description of role

5. Typical work tasks

6. Typical competencies (knowledge, skills, attitude)

7. Attributes

8. Job level (SCQF level)

9. Entry requirements

10. CPD opportunities

11. Career opportunities

a) In Scotland

b) Elsewhere in the UK



24 November

1. Agree interim report

2. Discussion - Progression routes

3. Presentation - Use of ICT and Labour Market Information (Liz Galashan)

4. Discussion - Skills needs of the careers workforce to delivery of the strategy's vision for careers services

19 December

1. Presentation - Career Management Skills (joint presentation Liz Galashan and Alan Runcie/Ruth Ohldag)

2. Discussion - Development opportunities outwith formal qualifications

3. Discussion - Gap analysis -

a) To what extent do existing development opportunities, qualifications and progression routes for the careers workforce in Scotland support the delivery of the vision for careers services?

b) What more if anything needs to be in place?

4. Discussion - Draft final report

19 January (note: this meeting will also begin at 1.30 because a presentation has been added)

1. Presentation - Work of Careers Profession Alliance

2. Discussion - Engaging employers in the in the framework implementation

3. Discussion - Raising awareness of related practitioners

4. Discussion - Conclusions of work and recommendations for action, including on impact on equalities and ongoing review of framework

5. Discussion - Draft final report

13 February

Finalise report and recommendations for action

1 March (if needed)

Finalise report and recommendations for action


[2] The CLD Search Directory which was developed by LLUK as part of the CLD Upskilling Programme funded by Scottish Government. The site contains details of training opportunities for CLD practitioners and brings together details of courses run throughout Scotland by Colleges, HEIs, private and third sector providers.