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Responding to Forced Marriage: Multi-Agency Practice Guidlines

DescriptionMulti-agency guidelines for practioners supporting people affected by forced marriage
Official Print Publication DateDecember 2011
Website Publication DateDecember 23, 2011


ISBN 978 1 78045 493 1
DPPAS 12171

This document is also available in pdf format (758k)



Key practice messages

One chance checklist

Section 1: Background information
1. Background
2. Advice and assistance for victims and practitioners
3. Definitions

Section 2: Understanding and approach: information for all practitioners
4. Facts about forced marriage
5. Responding to forced marriage: a good practice approach
6. Safety planning
7. Checklist: actions to take in all cases
8. Checklist: information required for all cases

Section 3: Legal context and remedies
9. The Forced Marriage etc. (Protection and Jurisdiction)(Scotland) Act 2011 and how it works

  • Summary of provisions
  • Forced Marriage Protection Orders
  • Third party applications for Forced Marriage Protection Orders

10. Options for protection under the law: criminal law, adult and child protection
11. Options for protection under the law: other civil remedies
12. Forced marriage and immigration and nationality issues

Section 4: Servicespecific information
13. Guidelines for health workers
14. Guidelines for school, college and university staff
15. Guidelines for police officers
16. Guidelines for children and families social workers
17. Guidelines for adult support and protection staff
18. Guidelines for local authority housing staff

Section 5: Contacts and information
19. Key contacts
20. Resources and further reading

21. Domestic violence provisions in the immigration rules