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Police and Fire and Rescue Services Reform Consultation Responses

DescriptionPolice and Fire Reform Consultation Responses
Official Print Publication DateDecember 2011
Website Publication DateDecember 16, 2011



    Aberdeen City Council ID 117

    Aberdeen City Council; Liberal Democrat Group ID 107

    Aberdeen Community Planning ID 020

    Aberdeen Council of Voluntary Organisations ID 017

    Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership ID 105

    Aberdeenshire Coucil ID 113

    Accountable Officers' Network Scotland ID 061

    Accounts Commission ID 090

    ACPOS ID 140

    Amnesty International Scotland ID 042

    Angus Council ID 112

    Archives and Records Association ID 101

    Argyll and Bute Council ID 076

    ASPS Northern ID 048

    Association of Principal Fire Officers ID 085

    Association of Scottish Police Superintendents ID 044

    Auditor General for Scotland ID 143

    BEMIS ID 039

    British Transport Police ID 062

    Central Fire and Rescue ID 145

    Central Scotland Joint Police Board ID 108

    Chief Fire Officers Association Scotland ID 053

    Chief Fire Officers Association Scotland - Equality & Diversity Forum ID 029

    Christian Police Association (Scotland) ID 019

    CIPFA ID 124

    Clackmannanshire Council ID 073

    Comhairle nan Eilean Siar ID 103

    COSLA ID 138

    CTIU ID 014

    Dumfries and Galloway Constabulary ID 074

    Dumfries and Galloway Council ID 129

    Dumfries and Galloway Fire and Rescue ID 012

    Dumfries and Galloway Strategic Partnership ID 130

    East Ayrshire Council ID 033

    East Ayrshire Council Planning Partnership ID 056

    East Dunbartonshire Council ID 114

    East Dunbartonshire Council; Scottish National Party Group ID 087

    East Lothian Council ID 063

    East Renfewshire Council ID 041

    Equality and Human Rights Commission ID 022

    Falkirk Council ID 136

    Fife Council; Liberal Democrat Group ID 091

    Fife Partnership ID 095

    Fire Brigades Union ID 068

    Fire Officers' Association ID 119

    FSB Scotland ID 111

    Glasgow City Council Labour Group ID 070

    Glen Urquhart Community Council ID 147

    Grampian Fire and Rescue Service ID 016

    Grampian Joint Fire and Rescue Board ID 031

    Grampian Joint Police Board ID 099

    Grampian Police ID 036

    Highland and Islands Fire Board ID 065

    Highland Council ID 110

    HMICS ID 115

    Human Rights Consortium Scotland ID 146

    Integrity4Scotland ID 037

    Inverclyde Council ID 116

    ISCA ID 018

    Lothian and Borders Police ID 104

    Lothian and Borders Strategic Co-ordinating Group ID 043

    Lothian and Borders Fire and Rescue Board ID 077

    Lothian and Borders Police Board ID 067

    Midlothian Council ID 123.doc

    North Ayrshire Council ID 066

    North Lanarkshire Council ID 079

    Northern Constabulary ID 045

    Northern Joint Police Board ID 057

    NPMuk ID 049

    Orkney Islands Council ID 135

    PBCVSA ID 025

    Perth and Kinross Council ID 100

    Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland ID 071

    Reform Scotland ID 059

    Renfrewshire Council ID 040

    Renfrewshire Council; Labour Group ID 093

    SCDEA ID 131

    Scottish Borders Council ID 120(f) (4)

    Scottish Children's Reporter ID 078

    Scottish Council on Deafness ID 032

    Scottish Fire Conveners Forum ID 038

    Scottish Institute for Policing Research ID 072

    Scottish Police Authorities Conveners Forum ID 141

    Scottish Police Services Authority ID 094

    Scottish Policing Federation ID 011

    Scottish Public Services Ombudsman ID 148

    Scottish Trade Unions Congress ID 132

    Scottish Women's Aid ID 050

    Scottish Women's Development Forum ID 047

    Scottish Youth Parliament ID 121

    Shetland Community Safety Partnership ID 128

    Skills for Justice ID 118

    SOLACE (Scotland) ID 088

    South Lanarkshire Council ID 005

    Stirling Council ID 139

    Strathclyde Fire and Rescue ID 126

    Strathclyde Police Authority ID 092

    Strathclyde Police Federation ID 133

    Strathclyde Police ID 134

    Strathclyde Safety Camera Partnership ID 075

    Tayside Camera Safety Partnership ID 046

    Tayside Fire and Rescue ID 106

    Tayside Joint Police Board ID 069

    Tayside Police ID 081

    UNISON Scotland ID 096

    West Lothian Community Planning Partnership ID 023


    Adamson Alan ID 127

    Bowie Arthur ID 001

    Cowan Keith ID 098

    Donaldson Paul ID 028

    Friel William ID 060

    Guild Ronald H ID 030

    Kay George ID 008

    Laidlaw Mark ID 024

    Laidlaw Paul ID 013

    Logie Bruce ID 027

    Mair Colin ID 144

    McCombie Peter ID 084

    McCready Cllr Richard ID 086

    McDonald Iain ID 083

    McQuarker Lindsay ID 002

    Reid Kiron ID 026

    Watson William Hall ID 006


    Respondent ID 007

    Respondent ID 009

    Respondent ID 010

    Respondent ID 021

    Respondent ID 051