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The Government Economic Strategy

DescriptionThe Government Economic Strategy identifies the six strategic priorities which will accelerate recovery, drive sustainable economic growth and develop a more resilient and adaptable economy.
Official Print Publication DateSeptember 2011
Website Publication DateSeptember 12, 2011


ISBN 978 1 78045 328 6
DPAS 11905

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Executive Summary

Section A: The Purpose of the Scottish Government

Section B: Economic Challenges and Opportunities
The Global Economic Environment Since 2007
The Performance of the Scottish Economy since 2007
A More Challenging Fiscal Position
Securing Economic Recovery
Restructuring to Deliver Sustainable Economic Growth

Section C: Strategic Priorities
C1 Supportive Business Environment
C2 Transition to a Low Carbon Economy
C3 Learning, Skills and Well-being
C4 Infrastructure Development and Place
C5 Effective Government
C6 Equity

Section D: Implementing the Strategy