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NHS Board Projected Staff In Post Changes In 2011/12


Main Findings

The main findings for the financial year 2011/12 are:

  • Overall estimated reduction of 2,390.5 wte (down 1.8%).
  • Largest estimated reduction is in Administration Services of 1,100.7 wte (down 4.3%), which includes a reduction in Management (non AfC) of 111.4 wte (down 9.5%).
  • Estimated reduction in Nursing & Midwifery of 988.1 wte (down 1.7%).
  • Medical HCHS (Hospital, Community & Public Health Services) shows a projected increase of 442.7 wte (up 4.1%). This is mainly due to NHS Education for Scotland ( NES) taking on the role as employer of GP trainees when those trainees are on 12 and 6 month GP placements (the trainees had previously been employed by the GP Practice whilst on placement).

Table 1. NHS Scotland Projected Staff in Post ( WTE) Changes for Financial Year 2011/12 by Staff Group

Staff GroupBaseline2011/12 Projections
31-Mar-1131-Mar-12ChangeChange %
All Staff Groups133,419.7131,029.2-2,390.5-1.8%
Medical ( HCHS)10,894.211,336.9442.74.1%
Dental ( HCHS)694.4703.79.31.3%
Medical & Dental Support1,872.81,875.72.90.2%
Nursing & Midwifery57,128.556,140.4-988.1-1.7%
Allied Health Profession9,432.19,312.9-119.2-1.3%
Other Therapeutic Services3,417.13,361.7-55.4-1.6%
Healthcare Science5,502.95,424.0-78.9-1.4%
Personal & Social Care937.9890.0-47.9-5.1%
Ambulance Services 13,702.43,644.6-57.8-1.6%
Support Services 313,951.813,554.4-397.3-2.8%
Administration Services 2, 325,885.424,784.7-1,100.7-4.3%
Management (non AfC) 3, 4, 51,177.41,066.1-111.3-9.5%

Source - NHS Board data. Projections are estimates and as a result are subject to change
1. ISD report this category as Emergency Services, however it includes a number of non-emergency ambulance staff
2. Administration Services in NHS National Services Scotland includes Support Services
3. Management (non AfC) is a sub group of Administration Services
4. NHS National Services Scotland are unable to separate out their Management (non AfC) reduction from their overall Administration Services reduction at this stage
5. These figures are not comparable to the 25% Reduction Target in Senior Management posts. The definition used in the target allows the exclusion of clinically orientated staff from within this group and the inclusion of some AfC Administration staff (Band 8a and above)

Table 2. NHS Scotland Projected Staff in Post ( WTE) Changes for Financial Year 2011/12 by NHS Board

NHS BoardBaseline2011/12 Projections
31-Mar-1131-Mar-12ChangeChange %
All NHS Boards133,419.7131,029.2-2,390.5-1.8%
NHS Ayrshire & Arran8,639.78,510.7-129.0-1.5%
NHS Borders2,572.72,465.6-107.1-4.2%
NHS Dumfries & Galloway3,545.23,433.6-111.6-3.1%
NHS Fife7,348.17,266.8-81.3-1.1%
NHS Forth Valley5,228.75,025.5-203.2-3.9%
NHS Grampian11,521.611,516.3-5.30.0%
NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde34,332.233,469.5-862.7-2.5%
NHS Highland7,064.06,871.4-192.5-2.7%
NHS Lanarkshire9,939.39,761.5-177.8-1.8%
NHS Lothian18,448.617,714.6-734.0-4.0%
NHS Orkney470.9444.8-26.1-5.5%
NHS Shetland500.1490.9-9.3-1.9%
NHS Tayside11,424.811,296.2-128.6-1.1%
NHS Western Isles840.2840.2--
NHS National Waiting Times Centre1,295.41,275.2-20.2-1.6%
NHS State Hospital641.6628.8-12.8-2.0%
NHS 24881.0984.9103.811.8%
NHS National Services Scotland3,466.13,385.8-80.3-2.3%
Scottish Ambulance Service4,099.34,034.7-64.6-1.6%
NHS Education for Scotland608.41,029.4421.069.2%
NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland271.8302.831.011.4%
NHS Health Scotland280.1280.1--

Source - NHS Board data. Projections are estimates and as a result are subject to change