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2020 Routemap for Renewable Energy in Scotland

DescriptionThe Routemap for Renewable Energy in Scotland 2011 is an update and extension to the Scottish Renewables Action Plan 2009. This updated and expanded Routemap reflects the challenge of our new target to meet an equivalent of 100% demand for electricity from renewable energy by 2020, as well as our target of 11% renewable heat.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJune 30, 2011


ISBN 978 1 78045 271 5 (web only)
DPPAS 11805

This document is also available in pdf format, screen resolution (1828kb) and print resolution (4459kb).


Ministerial Foreword

Executive Summary

1. Scotland's Renewables Ambition and Paths to Delivery
1.1 Securing the Benefits for Scotland
1.2 Renewable Energy Targets and Energy Mix
1.3 Analysis of Deployment Trajectories
1.4 Monitoring and Advisory Groups
1.5 Transport

2. Crosscutting Challenges
2.1 Overview and Demand Reduction Context
2.2 Costs and Access to Finance
2.3 Planning and Consents
2.4 Grid
2.5 Fuel Sources
2.6 Skills
2.7 Supply Chain and Infrastructure
2.8 Innovation and R&D
2.9 Public Engagement

3. Sectoral Routemaps
3.1 Offshore Wind
3.2 Onshore Wind
3.3 Wave and Tidal Energy
3.4 Renewable Heat
3.5 Bioenergy and Energy from Waste
3.6 Hydropower
3.7 Microgeneration
3.8 Emerging Technologies and Energy Storage
3.9 Community Renewables

4. Conclusion