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Information and help after rape and sexual assault

DescriptionInformation to assist victims folowing rape or sexual assault
Official Print Publication DateMay 2011
Website Publication DateJune 13, 2011


This publication is out of date.  Please click here for the latest version.


ISBN 978 1 78045 052 0
DPPAS 10809

Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2014 – Update to guidance as a result of August commencement

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About this information pack

About rape and sexual assault

Section 1: Practical things to think about after an assault
What to think about immediately
Your safety
Your health
Shock, injury and pain
Sexually transmitted infections
Reporting to the police
Claiming compensation

Section 2: How rape and sexual assault can affect people
Feelings and reactions
Long-term health
Ways of coping

Section 3: Investigating and prosecuting rape and sexual assault
Legal definitions
Diagram of police and prosecution process
Police process
Prosecution process
Going to court
Sentencing and after
Private prosecution
Civil action

Section 4: Help and information
Main support organisations
Helplines and websites

Section 5: Meanings and court procedures
Court procedures
Sheriff and Jury
High Court