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Growing Up in Scotland - 2011: Research Findings No.3/2011: Growing Up in Scotland - Parenting and Children's Health

DescriptionThis Research Findings summarises the Growing Up in Scotland report on Parenting and children's health.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJune 06, 2011


Alison Parkes and Daniel Wight ( MRC Social and Public Health Sciences Unit)

ISBN 978 1 78045 202 9
DPPAS 11603

This document is also available in pdf format (119k) This research finding is one of four and accompanied with Parenting and Children's Health

(GUS) Parental service use and informal networks in the early years, research findings 1/2011,
(GUS) Growing up in Scotland: Changes in child cognitive ability in the pre-school years, research findings 2/2011,
(GUS) Change in early childhood and the impact of significant events, research findings 4/2011

Growing Up in Scotland - Parenting and children's health