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HCS 1: Are you entitled to help with health costs?



You may be entitled to help with necessary travelling costs to and from hospital for NHS treatment. This includes check-ups and visits to clinics for treatment of sexually transmissible infections.

You can get help:

  • if you are getting benefits or credits - read here;
  • if you have a low income - read here;
  • for your companion if you qualify for help and, for medical reasons, you need a companion to travel with you. Their travel costs are added to your travel costs and it's your income that counts;
  • if you are 16 or over but under 19 and are counted as a dependant of someone getting help on the basis of the benefits/credits listed here, or through the NHS Low Income Scheme - see here. Otherwise you can make your own claim, even if you live with your parents - read here.

Note: If a child under 16 is the patient, it is their parents' income that counts. If someone else takes them to hospital, it is still the parents' income that counts.

If you are not sure what travel costs you can get help with, ask the hospital before you travel.