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HCS 1: Are you entitled to help with health costs?



If you:

  • get Pension Credit Guarantee Credit;
  • get Pension Credit Guarantee Credit with Savings Credit; or
  • are aged under 60 and your partner gets Pension Credit Guarantee Credit;

you are entitled to the same help with health costs as people getting Income Support or income-related Employment and Support Allowance.

How to check if you are getting Pension Credit Guarantee Credit

Your payment book (if you have one) is simply marked 'Pension Credit'. Only your award notice tells you what type of Pension Credit you get. This is shown at item 5 on the page entitled 'How your Pension Credit has been worked out'. If you have not received an award notice or have mislaid it, you should ring the Pension Service on Freephone 0800 991234 and ask for a copy.

IMPORTANT: If you only get Pension Credit Savings Credit on its own, this does not entitle you to help with health costs. If you have to pay health costs, check to see if you are in any of the other groups listed here. Or you might be able to get help if you are on a low income - read here.