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Marine Scotland: Economic Assessment of Short Term Options for Offshore Wind Energy in Scottish Territorial Waters: Costs and Benefits to Other Marine Users and Interests


Appendix D Published and Unpublished Reports and Data

Data and Information


Information on draft OWE Plan and N-RIP

  • Draft Offshore Wind Energy Plan (Marine Scotland, 2010b)


  • Draft N-RIP and N-RIP2 (Scottish Enterprise and Highlands & Islands Enterprise, 2010a,b)


  • Project level short term OWF scoping reports

Marine Scotland

Information on other marine uses

  • General sources:

  • Charting Progress 2 Productive Seas Chapter

Freely available

  • Scotland's Marine Atlas: Information for The National Marine Plan

Marine Scotland

  • SEA Environmental Report consultation responses

Marine Scotland

  • Commercial Fisheries

  • Landings Values Data (2000-2009): Data for all UK vessels landings into all ports and non- UK vessels landings into UK ports;


  • Effort Data (2000-2009): Data for all UK vessels landing into all ports and non- UK vessels landing into UK ports;


  • Recreational activities (recreational angling, kayaking, windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving, walking, ecotourism etc)

Limited information available from Marine Scotland, The Crown Estate

  • Tourism