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Blue Seas - Green Energy A Sectoral Marine Plan for Offshore Wind Energy in Scottish Territorial Waters Part A The Plan


List of Abbreviations

AA - Appropriate Assessment
CEC - Crown Estate Commissioners
EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment
EU - European Union
ghge - Greenhouse Gas Emissions
GW - Giga Watt
HRA - Habitats Regulations Appraisal
JNCC - Joint Nature Conservation Committee
MaRS - Marine Resource System
MPS - Marine Policy Statement
MSP - Member of the Scottish Parliament
NGO - Non-governmental Organisation
N-RIP - National Renewables Infrastructure Plan
NSA - National Scenic Area
PAS - Post Adoption Statement
RLG - Regional Locational Guidance
RSPB - Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
RYA - Royal Yachting Association
SAC - Special Area of Conservation
SCF - Scottish Coastal Forum
SEA - Strategic Environmental Assessment
SFF - Scottish Fishermen's Federation
SNH - Scottish Natural Heritage
SOW - Scottish Offshore Waters
SPA - Special Protection Area
STW - Scottish Territorial Waters
UK - United Kingdom
WDCS - Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society
WHS - World Heritage Site