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included, engaged and involved part 2: a positive approach to managing school exclusions

DescriptionNational guidance for schools and local authorities in managing school exclusions
Official Print Publication DateMarch 2011
Website Publication DateMarch 18, 2011


ISBN 978 1 78045 119 0 (Web only publication)
DPPAS 11510

This document is also available in pdf format (446k)


Ministerial Foreword

1. Introduction
Picture of exclusion in Scotland's schools

2. Purpose and Structure of Guidance
Status of document

3. Summary of Exclusion: Legislation and Procedures
Children and young people with additional support needs
Length of exclusion
Recording an exclusion
Right of appeal against the decision to exclude
Alternative education provision
Special arrangements other than at a school
Consideration of family circumstances
Parental roles and responsibilities

4. Policy Context
National outcome 5
National outcome 11
National outcome 4
National outcome 8
National outcome 7

5. Key Principles

6. Prevention, Early Intervention and Staged Intervention
Early intervention and staged intervention
Stage 1: Supporting individual needs within school
Support provision within school
Stage 2: Support needs met beyond the school within local school clusters and wider local authority
Local learning partnership and community cluster approaches
Hostings or managed moves
Maintenance of links with extended support provision
Flexible learning packages
Consideration of use of colleges (in schools and college based)
Stage 3: Provision beyond the local authority
Monitoring of external placements

7. Consideration of Individual Circumstances
Multiple exclusions
Length of exclusion
Looked After Children
Who are Looked After Children?
Designated managers in educational and residential establishments
Impact of exclusion
Planning and decision making around exclusion for Looked After Children
Children and young people on the child protection register or for whom there are current or previous child protection concerns
What is child protection?
Children and young people with additional support needs
Children and young people with disabilities
Exclusion and referral to the Reporter

8. Decision Making, Managing Exclusions and Re-engagement
Decision making
Seeking the views of the learner
Sending home without excluding
Consideration of individual circumstances
Communication with parents/carers
Communication with learners
Communication about the decision to exclude - legal capacity
Communication about the decision to exclude - Looked After Children
Procedures immediately following the decision to exclude
Children and young people on the Child Protection Register or for whom there are child protection concerns
Communication about the reason for exclusion and right of appeal
The right of appeal against a decision to exclude
Communication with colleges and other flexible placements beyond the school
Duration and timing of exclusion
Where exclusion affects exams
Recording the decision to exclude
Consideration of alternative educational provision during exclusion and timescales
Removal from register
Admission to a new school following removal from the register
Use of part-time hours
Communication and engagement with families and/or carers
Parental responsibility and engagement
Use of solution-oriented re-admission meeting
Communication with staff on exclusion policies and individual cases
The role of local authority guidance

Annex A: Exclusion from schools - Scottish Government National Statistics
Annex B: Included, Engaged and Involved Steering Group
Annex C: Approaches to improving relationships and promoting positive behaviour