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The Demographic and Socio-Economic Profile of Return Migrants and Long-Term In-Migrants in Scotland: Evidence from the Scottish Longitudinal Study

DescriptionThis research makes use of the Scottish Longitudinal Study to explore the nature of some return and other migration flows to Scotland by investigating the characteristics of those who constitute them.
Official Print Publication DateFebruary 2016
Website Publication DateFebruary 14, 2011


David McCollum
ESRC PhD Student Intern, Office of the Chief Researcher

ISBN 978 0 7559 9971 2 (Web only publication)
DPPAS 11206

This document is also available in pdf format (393k)



Executive Summary
Policy implications

1. Introduction
Policy background
Study aims and objectives

2. Methods
Key points
The Scottish Longitudinal Study
Sample groups
The analysis
Strengths of the SLS
Some caveats

3. Results
Key points
Scots return migration
Long-term in-migrants from the rest of the UK
Long-term immigrants from overseas

4. Conclusions
Policy implications
Implications for future research


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