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Teaching Scotland's Future - Report of a review of teacher education in Scotland

DescriptionThe Report setting out the findings of the Review of Teacher Education
Official Print Publication DateJanuary 2011
Website Publication DateJanuary 13, 2011


Graham Donaldson
ISBN 978 0 7559 9733 6
DPPAS 10888

This document is also available in pdf format (1.3mb)

See also Continuing to Build Excellence in Teaching - The Scottish Government's response to Teaching Scotland's Future (published March 9, 2011)


Letter to the Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning


1 Overview

2 Twenty-first century teachers and leaders
Qualities and skills of twenty-first century teachers: respondents' views
Qualities and skills of twenty-first century teachers: wider evidence
Leadership for twenty-first century learning
The context for the profession of teaching in Scotland

3 Getting the right people in the right numbers
Building in flexibility in teacher numbers
Selecting the right people to be teachers

4 Building twenty-first century teachers and leaders: the early phase
Strengths of current provision in initial teacher education and induction
Maximising relevance and impact in the early phase of a teacher's education
Improving learning for leadership from the start of career-long teacher education

5 Career-long learning for teachers and for leadership
Existing strengths of continuing professional development
Maximising relevance and impact of career-long learning
Accomplished teachers

6 Conclusions and recommendations

7 Implications and next steps

Appendix 1 - Remit and approach
Appendix 2 - The concept of 'hub teaching schools'
Appendix 3 - Members of the Review Team and the Reference Group
Appendix 4 - Selected bibliography